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  1. Are the manual movements smooth and easy in this scope? I read that the Orion XT8g, a similar scope, is sometimes not so smooth when moved manually because of the GoTo system but it could be adjusted in the clutches. How is the Skywatcher 200p regarding this? Wasn't the finder a 9x50?
  2. Great topic, I am thinking buying this scope and just sent you a PM about some technical questions about it. Will be using mostly for visual but I am also interested in doing very simple EAA with it. From what I heard, the EQ5 mount is too small. I heard people suggesting the EQ6 for AP. But I know nothing of AP and very little if mounts...
  3. Hello all, After 20 years with only a 60mm old refractor, I want to buy a new scope, with a larger aperture (8inch) for DSO observation, a relatively easy, adorable and portable scope. So potencially a Dobsonian comes as first option, and ideally with GoTo could be an added bonus, as I could explore beginning EAA (autotracking on a Alt Az mount would allow exposures up to 10 seconds from what I heard from other people) The Skywatcher 200p Flextube fullfill this criteria. My concerns are two: - that the GoTo system is noisy. I never worked with GoTo before but I would enjoy a relatively quiet system. Can I reduce the speed when the scope is trying to search the target? (I do not mean when using the hand controller to move around) - that is too heavy to carry. I plan using s handcart for s 5min walk, but still I want to know how heavy is the base and the tube in lbs or kg, and how wide is the base (only for the GoTo Flextube version) - I heard you can still use the scope manually, but are movements smooth or are they difficult? My other consideration was the Orion Intelliscope XT8i, if I would skip the GoTo (there is also the XT8g but the Skywatcher is cheaper) Anyone here with the Skywatcher 200p Flextube GoTo? Much appreciation for any support.
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