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  1. Of course, you are correct. I just got mixed up with the other 'scope.
  2. Yesterday, I tested the camera (ZWO ASI290MC) in daylight, on a house chimney approx a quarter of a mile away. This is the furthest terrestrial target available to my location. It worked, and I could get focus with the focuser roughly half in/out. I tried with it for two hours last night on my 114mm aperture, F5 (update - my mistake, should be F8.77), 1000mm FL reflector and could not even find a single star!! I checked that there were stars visible, using a 40mm EP, although they were not centred. I tried random parts of the sky, around the Plough. I went through the full range of the focuser, using settings from 1 sec to 20 secs exposure, several Gain settings between 100 - 300, with and without a 2x barlow. I also tried with APT and Sharpcap 3.2, both produced a blank dark image (with a single dead pixel), obviously varying in intensity depending on the settings used at the time). Surely I should have seen something, even in a sparsely populated portion of sky? Any ideas what I did wrong, or failed to set?
  3. You could try rolling back the windows updates? Also, there is a major build update approx every 6 months in windows 10, and smaller regular updates on a weekly basis. I'm assuming that you are on windows 10, and the following link should guide you through the process: https://www.howtogeek.com/235474/how-to-roll-back-builds-and-uninstall-updates-on-windows-10/
  4. Hi Freddie, Can you include an example of notes taken for an observation? I'm curious to see what it should/would look like.
  5. I tried N.I.N.A, and while it looks good and has decent functionality, it would not recognise my cheap plug n play camera that uses windows internal driver "USB2.0 5M UVC Camera". This camera works perfectly in other software such as SharpCap.
  6. I use an app called "Slow Shutter Cam" on my iphone. It has bulb mode (for unlimited exposure length), up to ISO 1600, a self timer and an intervalometer. It also has noise reduction and some basic slider controls for hue/saturation/exposure. I haven't found an option for the f-stop though
  7. Apart from the addition of the Skywatcher Auto Focuser, the focuser itself is as stock, it has not been modified or shortened in any way. I have not even tried it with anything in the focuser yet, this happens without any eye pieces, cameras or anything else inserted into the tube.
  8. I have a SW Explorer 200pds with the dual speed focuser. I have just added a SW auto focuser and I noticed that it slows down and sometimes stops, possibly around the same point in the focuser travel (?). With a little nudge, the auto focuser will continue. Is this an issue with the auto focuser or a slight "tight spot" in the drawtube? How can I remedy this, without destroying anything? I have noticed that the tube has two parallel wear lines on the outside edges of the flat area.
  9. Thank you, everybody. I have ordered a Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ cover that will fit, and will first use a towel over the mount to keep the damp off.
  10. Thank you for all the replies. I was worried about the possibility of condensation building up inside a cover. Is this not an issue? I suppose an option would also be to first cover the mount with a towel, and then the tarp/BBQ cover etc?
  11. I'm in the process of building a pier for my HEQ5 Pro. Once it's aligned properly, is it acceptable to leave it on the pier permanently? And what solutions do you use to keep the weather off it? I can't afford a dome. I'm not worried about theft, as I am not overlooked (apart from my immediately neighbours either side), and there is no access externally to the back.
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