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  1. Thanks Steve, Funny I've actually been pondering a monopod trigger grip head setup recently - looking at possibly buying a pair of helios apollo's 15x70.. Obviously too big to hand hold. I had a look through them the other day and the views were fantastic. I've been using my Opticron adventurer T WP 10x50's on my velbon tripod and it certainly makes a huge difference.. I'm thinking my astrophotography venture could maybe wait until next winter, it'll give me time to save up enough for some decent kit. I have no doubt a pair of 15x70's with a decent mounting system and my 10x50's will keep me more than occupied for the next year or so. Cheers, Mark. ?
  2. Thanks Ags, One thing I'd considered about going down the lens route on a tracking mount, is that it would pretty much render me unable to do any visual observation. Am I right in thinking that? I would like to have the option be able to view my targets casually, as well as photograph them. Thanks!
  3. Good stuff, must be nice knowing that you're all set for the foreseeable. Best of luck with the pay review as well! ?. Mark.
  4. Hi dannybgoode, Yeah like you say - it's so easy to get carried away, I mean where do you draw the line?! I think though I'll have to stick to the EQ5, and hopefully it will do fine for my needs of some casual visual observations and using my DSLR every now and again. I'm having to take into consideration here some other of life's little expenses like the mortgage and car, and try to stay sensible... Although it's not easy, admittedly! ?
  5. Hi John, Thanks for the advice, very useful. That's exactly why I put the link on my post, for guy's more knowledgeable like yourself to chip in with your thoughts. ?. I'm now considering the (what seems to be able to do no wrong?!) EQ5 Pro goto, combined with an ED80. I'm also looking at mounting my DSLR directly onto a tracking mount and using lenses, as others have suggested also. The coin is in the air.. Cheers, Mark.
  6. Great picture, can I ask what you mean by a 'modded' 1100D? What part of the camera has been modified and how? Thanks!
  7. Thanks Roland, Some good advice. I'll keep researching until I'm more sure of what I'm going to do.
  8. Hi Anthony, I already own two Canon DSLR's, so that's not required in my budgeting.
  9. I'm interested in DSO's, nebulae and double stars.. I figured a telescope would be necessary?
  10. Hi everyone, I've been thinking I'd like to start learning astrophotography, by means of attaching my DSLR to a suitable scope and mount. I've done a little research - but plan of doing a whole lot more before fully committing and making a purchase. I've decided that I'm not going to spend any more than £1k. I was wondering if anyone has/used this before? https://www.telescopehouse.com/bresser-messier-ar-102s-600-exos-2-goto.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA14TjBRD_ARIsAOCmO9a2FsFB14cttV5d2OA0QyzedRRCO9JembjcpCXzOZOjaJRNSnLEnIQaAgvhEALw_wcB I'd be grateful for anyone's opinion who knows more about the subject than I do! Thanks, Mark.
  11. MaHa


    Just a few images of my binocular astronomy kit and my stargazing adventures.
  12. Hi everybody, I came across an obviously very non-scientific, but still useful method of measuring things in the night sky in degrees, so thought I'd share. At arms length - thumb and little finger stretched apart: approx 25 degrees. At arms length - index finger and pinkie stretched apart: approx 15 degrees. At arms length - clenched fist, back of hand facing you: approx 10 degrees. At arms length - three middle fingers together: approx 5 degrees. At arms length - pinky finger: approx 1 degree. Obviously this isn't exact, but quite useful as a rough guide. Cheers, Mark.
  13. Thanks for some good information there, John. Mark.
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