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  1. Hİ , I had still problems with deep sky objects , ı took different photos ı tried to make stack them . when you look at the photos , ı short tracked 6sn X 5 photos ... ı have to find the way take orion or others ... is there anybody knows how to that with celestron 127mm slt telescope .... and ı ve canon 5d 2.....
  2. After try this , ıf any problem , I will tell to you , thank you so much ...
  3. I will try that , I really happy for this instructions and I have another question , ı saw celestron 6 inc telescope and for the alignment , two star or three star same producer but when push the button , after come some stars , and you are choose which one is you want if you choose Sirius , on the lens , if it is Sirius , you press align button but ı did not see anything like that .. ıf I do not misunderstand , ı will just with keys , go to Sirius , red dot finder say cross the middle with Sirius then with my lens look Sirius , if it is okay , i will say align . 2nd step ı will look Capella , if ı can see on the telescope lens , ı will press align button ..... 3rd step different star , again press align ......... then finish ... and ok ? or does not matter just ı will use keys and which stars bright ı will find with my keys and red dot finder , after if ı can see on the telescope lens center press align .... 3 times .... then ... finish ...ok?
  4. Hello , I am physics student in Turkey . I have used telescopes but they were manual mount because of that I do not have any experiences with GO TO mounts . I upload photos and I pressed alignment button before finding 3 or 2 stars . Still ı did not find any stars from catalog . I really watched many videos but I did not do it well my process still not continue . 12 photos I upload , first photo teleskop , last photo is the my last step , which button should I have press?
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