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  1. How do you find these open and 'dark' sites that people go to for observing at night in the UK? Is there a directory of them somewhere? I'm interested in venturing out to somewhere that isn't surrounded by houses, but I have no idea where to go and what the protocol is, etc, etc.
  2. That looks pretty rounded to me. Was the screwdriver you used the correct size and type for the head? There are several sizes of Phillips and Pozidrive. Those screw heads are Phillips. You could try a smaller Phillips at it may go a bit deeper into the head to get extra purchase. When I've head issues like this, I've had to drill the head out! You can also get a kit that will screw into the head a little using an opposite thread and a drill and then present a steel head which you can then screw out using a screwdriver. However, all of that is for equipment that isn't as delicate as a tele
  3. So with a Dobsonian, in order to adjust its view, do you literally just grab the body and move it in the vertical axis against the handles and the horizontal axis against the base? (Apologies, not sure of the correct terms to use here!).
  4. Hi all, I'm looking at a Bresser Messier 10" Dobsonian telescope as a possible purchase and notice that it only comes with one eyepiece - a 25mm Super Plossl. For a beginner, is this enough to get started or should I buy a complementary additional eyepiece at the same time? If so, any recommendations? Some information from the manufacturer: The Bresser site recommends this on the product page of the telescope: Revelation ED 2x Barlow 2" https://www.bresseruk.com/revelation-ed-2x-barlow-2.html
  5. A very big thank you to everyone who offered advice and opinions in this thread. Any opinions on how the Sky-Watcher fares against the more expensive Bresser Messier 10" Dobsonian?
  6. Thanks all. I wish the weather would clear up. It looks like cloud and rain for a few days yet. I'm spending the time reading and learning.
  7. It's very, very good! I'm reading the free booklet now and it's really well written for beginners.
  8. Let’s say a 6 mile radius of Heathrow would be okay.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Is there a safe way to lift a fully-assembled 250PX? I cannot see a convenient and safe way of lifting the telescope without causing undue stress on the structure. I can see from pictures and videos that there are two handles on the side but they seem quite flimsy and I'm wondering whether they would bend or break if I were to lift the entire telescope using them.
  10. I enquired with what appeared to be a conveniently located club for me, WOLAS (West of London Astronomical Society) but have had no response to my enquiry for a week, so I'm not sure if it's still going or not. Does anyone know of any good astronomy clubs that are suitable for beginners located west of London?
  11. I received my 10 x 50 Olympus DPS-I binoculars today. They are very, very nice! I've done the initial setup on them and have been able to read the telephone number from an alarm bell box attached to a house from about 170 feet away, without having to mount them on a tripod. Sadly the weather forecast is cloud and rain so I won't be able to use them for observing for a while yet.
  12. @spike95609 Thank you for your post. I'm hoping the weight will be okay as it will need to be moved to a shed for storage - a distance of 3-8 metres depending on where I decide to do the viewing from. I've heard the diameter of the base (the widest part of the 'scope) is about 50cm. Would you be kind enough to confirm this? I have double doors on my shed but I'm hoping I only need to open one as the other one is nearly always jammed!
  13. I'm building up a shortlist of telescopes from which I will make a purchase at some point later this year. The Sky-Watcher 250PX seems to be highly rated and good value in terms of 'bang for the buck'. I realise that this is a large, heavy and bulky telescope. I've got some questions: 1. Is the optical quality of this better than the same-sized Flex Tube version? I know that the Flex Tube version can be made smaller for storage and transportation, but I'm wondering about dirt collection and accuracy/alignment of the Flex Tube. 2. What is the shortest practical height of a person
  14. A tiny step forward for me - I now realise that Orion was staring me in the face a few nights ago. I've started using SkySafari a lot more now and watched quite a few YouTube videos on basic stargazing. I didn't need the binoculars to view Orion. I'm still trying to figure out how to get SkySafari to point out Orion to me (I have Constellations --> Show Names enabled in Settings). One down millions to go! I'm toying with the idea of less powerful binoculars and have seen a good deal on the Olympus 10x50 DPS-1. Would these complement my Celestron 25x70 binoculars? Or would lower ma
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