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  1. Hello Peter Yep i have had this as well,twice. First time it was a glitch that cured its self after 2 nights. Have you knocked the gps unit? I did and had the same trouble(i banged the gps unit on a door frame while taking the scope to the garden),all i did was tap it with my hand and all has been ok. By any chance,did all this start on a damp night?(just wondering if it's a damp problem) If the problems persist you can re install the software to the hand set(the first thing meade will check but i now think your's is ok) and if that don,t work then you may have to send the scope off to be checked and fixed unless you can fix it yourself. I am not sure but i think you can remove and fit a new gps unit yourself but i don't think the unit is your problem. The only other advice i can give at this time is a telephone call to Telescope House,Meade's main UK dealer,for some free advice. Thank you for letting us know the state of of pay so far,good luck with this. Regards Tim
  2. Great Capture and lots of hard work,i like it a lot. Well done PS can i see Nebula in this shot that looks like a faint mist? The stuff that's lit from our own galaxy,forget what they call it now. Regards Tim
  3. Thanks Mark. Clayton is right though,the 1st stack and post of this image was slightly better but with every stack and post i learn a little more. Regards Tim
  4. Hello again All the Skywatcher scopes i have seen are of good quality for the money.It maybe an idea to download or print off a Catalogue and show them,let them make up there own minds but as said above,Celestron and Skywatcher are the same company now. Regards Tim
  5. Taken from a learning point of view,how about a Dobsonian Telescope. here is a link to the type of scope i am thinking of. Celestron Star Hopper Telescopes Dobsonian telescopes buy on-line at f1telescopes.co.uk All your students need to know to use this scope is how to read a star map (classroom stuff) and the main stars in a Constellation then to find "cool stuff" you simply "Star Hop" like dot to dot. Simple setup,no messing around and plenty to learn in the class room and at the scope plus they are cheap for the size of scope you get for your money. Regards Tim
  6. lol Rob The Avatar remind me of me in the dark trying to find that dso on a cam chip lol. If my work on the scope don't give me the results i am looking for then i will book it in at TH. I will save a few pound by dropping the scope to them instead of posting it(big letterbox needed) but at the moment as you know the pounds are a bit tight here lol so it will have to wait a while. I hope after a spot on collimation the scope performs,i also hope flocking the tube and painting the baffles with blackboard paint will help.i am going to get the flocking from Edmund Optics (hope this is good stuff) and bobs knobs from the US. I don't fancy dropping tools on the corrector in the dark and making things worse Anyway i will have a go at it as they say and see what happens. I need it done as i have peltier cooled the dsi colour and i want to try it but the scope needs to be right. I will let you all know the result of all this but for now stand well back because Meade parts are about to fly everywhere Regards Tim
  7. Funny you mention the facsimile plate,i have read that some scopes in the past have had a broken plate and some fool thinks they can have one cut at a glass shop. Fortunately for me,my plate is the real deal with uhtc coatings and all in good condition---thank god. over the past year i have left the scope for over 2 hours before trying it,nope no good. I do know the scope was one of the last gps models made before the change to to the "R" and that meade had many problems with them at that time regarding quality control including the "R" model with many complaints but apart from this issue my scope and mount have performed perfect. I have wondered if the corrector had ever been replaced for one from another scope,no way to tell that i know off. Anyway i will give it a dose of bobs knobs,flock the tube and under the stars i will ramp up the mag and collimate it. if that don't work then i will have to send it to telescope house and wear a large bill,or sell it and buy a tasco lol Regards Tim
  8. Here is another tip After washing the mirror/ lens with warm water for the final time,pour loads of de oronized distilled water over it,let it drain,mop the very edges if you like but the water and any spots of water on the mirror/lens will air dry and leave no marks unlike tap water. Job done. Regards Tim
  9. Thanks Ron I did align the white marks up on the corrector a year ago,i do not understand why they were off set in the first place,i am sure it never came from meade like that. What i am really at a loss with is any problems that may occur from the removal and re fitting of the secondary mirror as i am sure this has been done by the last owner incorrectly. I do know i don't have to remove anything to fit bobs knobs but as i will be removing the corrector pate to flock the tube i may as well address any and all other potential problems with the optics while i am there. This scope has failed to deliver what i call good,clean crisp images both visual and for imaging since i have owned it.In fact i had a lx5 8" beside the lx200 and the old lx5 with worn coatings on the corrector made the lx200 look stupid for both visual and imaging. I thought at the time the lx200 just needed collimating but this is all before i found the above problems.I hope to finally correct all this and get from the scope what it is really capable of. Thanks for your reply and help,other ideas or opinions are welcome before i pull it all apart. Regards Tim
  10. Hello I hope someone out there can advise me on the following issue. I believe the corrector plate and secondary mirror on my 10" lx200gps had been removed and put back wrong in the past.I purchased the scope second hand about 2 yrs ago and all seemed fine but after reading about cleaning the corrector i decided to have a look. when i removed the thin outer plastic ring,the white painted marks on the body of the scope and on the corrector did NOT line up.the body mark was at lets say 20 past and the corrector was at half past(if as looking at a clock face). Also i noticed that the secondary mirror holder was loose and able to turn and wiggle around within the corrector. Well i cleaned the corrector,tightened the secondary,put the corrector back but with the painted marks lined up,collimated the scope on a small pinhole light(more that lightly not perfect) and that was that.I thought nothing more of it. But now,a year on i am ordering bobs knobs and flocking paper,thinking of doing these mods and so reading up on how to do it when i find info telling me that if you are going to remove the secondary,you must mark its position,well my one was floating about when i purchased the scope and so was never marked. Can i correct this myself with a star test and collimation or is there more to it. Over to you Regards Tim
  11. Hello this is a restack of Saturn taken on the 3rd march i think it was lol. The idea is to try and address some possible miss matches within registax and to reduce blue/red fringing that may be caused by Saturns low relative altitude . So this is the result of the input of another forum member and myself. Please look for my other 2 Saturn posts for comparison. Thanks Regards T
  12. Hello Peter Please let us all know how you cure the problem so we know for future reference . Regards Tim
  13. Yes it will apply to your rcx400. you can find full instructions on meade's website but before you rush off to do this you need to make sure this is the problem. have you checked the scope again in daylight? also power up the scope and wiggle the lead between the handset and the base,watch the display to see if it flashes,if it does then you simply have a dirty connection on the lead,i have had this as well and it can be a pain. Please check the scope again BEFORE you update the handset. Meade Instruments Corporation - Meade Customer Support PS your scope is now called a LX400 so there has simply been a name change. Regards Tim
  14. I had something like this with my lx200gps not so long ago and it was fixed by reinstalling the software to the handset. Turned out that the software in the handset had become corrupt,don't ask me how or why,i never did find out. After the re install it was fine but i only did this as a last resort after all else failed. Regards Tim
  15. hAAAHHHH its shopping time, thanks for the links John,now where can i get a cloud filter lol UPDATE both items purchased,buy it now is a wonderful thing lol I got the remote timer from a UK seller for £29.99,not the cheapest on there but at least it's not in Hong Kong. I feel like a boy in a toy shop right now,(good feeling gone when wife see's credit card lol) Regards Tim
  16. Ok Thanks John I have Maxim dl 5 pro and i can load up Maxim dslr as well if needed. I am now going on a mission to find the other bits you mentioned because i really cant wait to get down the shops lol. Thanks for your help Regards Tim
  17. Thanks Ken I can use 2" or 1.25 so i will go "2 as you say. Is there any software for shutter control via the pc or other useful software i may need for this cam? Regards Tim
  18. In a class of there own i say. Fantastic. I will grow another backside before i ever take a pic like that Regards Tim
  19. Hello I am going to buy a Canon450d and i need to know what other bits i will need to mount it on my scopes and do i need anything else like cables,power supply,memory cards to hook up to my laptop. thanks for your help. Scopes used lx200gps 10" Vixen A80M Regards Tim
  20. Hi Narrowbandpaul I am not aware of any conditions that Science knows of at this time to allow such a thing but in saying that i can not claim to know much about this . If i had to have a wild guess i will go with a super massive black hole. Another guess for the cooking pot may be if gravity coupled with dark matter and magnetic field can bend space itself forming what i think they call a worm hole???? To me this like asking what is outside space itself or how big is space and what was there before the big bang????? I do hope a way can be found but i wont hold my breath lol
  21. I love the images,looks like many hours outside freezing to me but worth it. regards Tim
  22. Thank you to every one for your reply's to this question. The question was asked by one of my sons Teacher's. I wanted to see what you think. I want my son to look at this thread and formulate his own answer. My answer to the question is simple. Yes,i believe a particle of matter can travel faster than light even if it is only under a extremely rare conditions. As for Science changing i believe there are things to come we can not even dream of at this time. Regards Tim
  23. Hello all It was freezing last night and my coffee froze over,and my laptop blue screened twice, losing image data. Aaahhh Astro imaging with Mr Bean. I think i will go back to fishing at this rate lol. 1000 frames,stacked in Registax,finished in photo shop. The colour has not been altered from capture so is as is if you know what i mean lol. This one is for my wife Nikki,Happy Birthday hun. Hope you like it. Tim . lx200gps 10",3x barlow,prime focus,spc900nc cam with ir cut filter.
  24. Thank you every one,i am going to give it another go tonight if i can and i may add the data to this image just to see if it gets any better. I wont know unless i try lol. Thanks again for your feedback. regards Tim
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