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  1. Yes I think that is my best bet to try the moon again and see what happens. Hoping it’s something a simple as atmospheric reasons rather than to to with the eyepieces or scope.
  2. I shall have a try with that too and maybe try the moon and will report back what I see but it has bugged me as I did nothing different except want to view a planet. But as you can see from my pictures I managed with the moon. Obviously I understand that planets are at a far greater distance however I didn’t expect to see the secondary mirror housing like I did.
  3. I turned the focus both ways to maximum of each, doing it slowly to try and find that point of focus but I could just see the housing. It happened in all of my eye pieces so I’m unsure as to why as I haven’t done anything differently to looking at the moon, except looking at a planet which of course is further in distanc but from other posters I have seen that it shouldn’t be a problem with my scope. I did look down the scope and the mirror didn’t appear to be misted up. Maybe it is the astropheric conditions which caused it... i will try and have another look at the moon and try out my other eyepieces to magnify some areas to see whether they work ok on that. Just have to hope for a clear night. How easy is it to find your scope magnifying another object in the sky like a star that you can’t see instead of the planet your looking for?
  4. I havent locked it as I did check that myself. I was able to find them in the sky with my scope and it was a round white light in my 20mm eyepiece, I gradually tried to reduce down and slowly focus and the focus was moving however in my lense as I was trying to focus the secondary mirror housing was very dominant in view. I tried a range of different eyepieces to try and focus but to no avail. Even trying to go back to the 20mm and working back down. i even tried the blue filter as Venus was so bright I questioned whether that was a problem.
  5. Hi, newbie at using a telescope. I have recently got a Celestron astromaster 130eq. I finally got chance to use it last week viewing the moon, I got some brilliant views and images. Using the 20mm erecting eyepiece and 10mm eyepiece that came with the telescope. (Pictures below to show that all was fine) I also have a 6mm plossl eyepiece, 15m Kellner eyepiece, 2x Barlow, and red, blue and moon filters. This morning with it been clear and Jupiter and Venus is clear view I Set up my telescope as normal, got the planets into view on my telescope used the 20mm eyepiece to clarify it was In view and it was just the a small white dot which I expected. So I started to reduce down the eyepieces to get a closer view and as I was slowly trying to focus all I could see was the secondary mirror in the lense. I tried a range of my different lenses to try and get it into focus even starting at the 20mm and working my way down and I just couldn’t see anything without the secondary mirror housing in view. at one point I could see something behind the secondary mirror image however I couldn’t make out what it was despite trying to focus slowly in and out. Looking at forums and advice could it be that I’ve actually locked on to a star which is further away hence why I can’t focus. Please help.
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