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  1. Yep, still the same after 5 years. Left-one is correct.
  2. I know that it is not the newest post, but I have the same issue. I have new EQ3-2 and I was hell of a wondering why I see nothing on my second session (firs time I was looking for Tycho nebula, which is visible only in X-rays). I ve put water-based inclinometer on it and realized that the one pointer with black triangle is correct, the other white one is exactly 10° off. Actually the correct one is quite hidden with Dec motor and if you are watching starting with west Dec move, you better off using the bad one pointer and just subtract 10°. I see no reason why it is off and my guess is that it is construction mistake?
  3. Hi, Any idea how to se Cartes du ciel to continously update Local sidereal time - it take the time when you launch app and than keep the same all the time. Thanx 4 reply and a lot of good imaging in new year.
  4. What they are selling now?: Only HEQ-5 Pro Synscan? I ve also heard somewhere that some HEQ-5 has better tracking engine, is the difference between Pro and non-Pro?
  5. To me - new to AP and not from richest countries - 130 pound extra put GOTO off the list. It is damn easy to subtract sidereal time from RA and get exact position. Most DSO are anyway about 30' so you can easily find it manually and my cammera has 24000 ISO so I can check DSO position in few seconds, but mainly: if you are alone in the middle of night in the middle of deep forest in total dark with tones of wild animals around (there are many wild pigs in my spot, and I get encounter with them once - they were 5 m from me, and since than I am really trying to be as calm as possible) , last thing you want is some buzzing of GOTO.
  6. Yep, I ve got cougth same way as ozwebuk. Thnx.
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