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    Hi, please feel free to ask anything.

    Its 30yr guarantee 600grade fibre glass. You're spot on with the OSB. This was also all exterior grade and was tack coated with resin before all the matting went on. Once all the resin was stippled and dry a gel coat of lead grey was rolled on to finish. As a finishing touch the edges and facias were masked off and then covered in white gel coat. Thanks for the Kind words ?

  2. 74.jpg


    7 hours ago, Moonshane said:

    I really like the colour of the outer walls. Might nick that when I build my less salubrious one later this year.

    Thanks Ron and Moonshane. ✊?

    Just in case you do go for this colour it's Cuprinol's garden shades urban slate if I remember ??

  3. 74.jpg


    21 minutes ago, x6gas said:

    So is the concrete base of the pier also sunk in the ground or did you just pour a block on top of something firm?

    Hi there, many thanks for the big up :D

    The short answer is yes, because i built the ground up for the dome area, the what was lawn at that level was super hard and stable and had been for 7 years since the previous owner turfed it so i basically just made a shutter frame, levelled it and filled it with concrete. If under its own weight in the future there is any settling i can re plumb the metal pier easily with spacer washers, something i will check as the years go by :) 

    Just for info, the finished block ended up just short of a meter in height with a base area 800x800 and a top area of 700x700 ?

  4. 74.jpg


    2 hours ago, JOC said:

    What a totally fabulous building - it's like a little house.

    lol Thank you JOC it is my little house, mainly a dog house hahaha in the sense that its where i have to go when the wifey is at me :D its not really a terrible place but i dont tell her that ;) wink wink, in fact i find myself being naughty for no reason ?

  5. 74.jpg


    2 hours ago, emadmoussa said:

    How's your sky, BTW? 

    I guess intrusive light from the neighbours won't be a problem when inside the dome. Already shielded :) 


    Hi there, thanks again for the lovely comments, all of you. Its truly appreciated.

    To be honest my surroundings are quite unique to being in the middle of a village in the sense that apart from my north view with a few rear faced houses with no lights i am completed surrounded by bungalows which are all just out of site from the domes lowest opening. Very lucky, but also one of the reasons i decided to go ahead and build it. My only bug bear is in this pic directly behind it which is facing WNW i am blessed with a BP chemical plant so not ideal :p but neither really an issues as i can pick my season for south viewing objects. ?

  6. 74.jpg


    Thanks Daz, yer i totally designed it from scratch. I sketched it up and tried to think of all possible problems but i have to admit i did have to alter a couple of things as i went but it came out pretty much how i hoped. Thanks for the kind words :D

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