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  1. Dear, I sold this vintage scope who produce maybe during 1982 years, serial number of the OTA: 82454. OTA was in very good mechanics and optical status, except some really small paint scratch in tube mostly due to age. Original finder is not delivery with the tube, last owner lost it. With the scope i will provide: - pair of ring - 2X original pentax adaptator from 38mm to 0.965" - Original prism Characteristics: - 65mm diameter - 700mm focal length Price include delivery. Selling price =>175GBP
  2. Hi Guys, Come on this new club maybe i am the first french guys who bought this mount. Quick buying before mount cost was more +35% after 1 january due to custom taxe in France. I have got some questions regarding the tripod who must be put under. I have build an DIY tripod who is really similar to the berlebach UNI 18 ( ash wood) not equal mine is better, plan is to use this mount for comparing instrument, meanly use to put some long achromats on it, like john i have the MAXI scope and some heavier achromat so my questions how does vibration/stability are when you use long achromat with UNI18 tripod if somebody test it.
  3. So mean of the translation in red square: Focus on optical measure: Test old equipment on bench measurement is always exciting as it allowed to verify some qualify "word" who has been use in the past and compare to modern equipement. Measure has been done by Airylab company. It has been done three wavelenght blue, green and red. Result was very good especcially in the blue. The mains defaults who has been detect concern the spherical aberration and residual chromatism who has been of course present due to low F/D, non ED glass and/or special optic formula.
  4. To complet the information about vixen halley ( orange scope), we have a magazine who done some measurements on it.
  5. Wow lot of many scope, thanks for this interest tread!!!! About questions I have collect everywhere where I can Europe, US, Japan etc... For the pentax this is the original box come with the scope. About optical quality, better of this batch is the Vixen Halley pretty good scope ans really smart tripod, planet 80 was not bad but much CA, less control on it. I have another what I must take picture tomorrow and push it.
  6. mini scope collection some items was sold for new stuff. Love this models. From left to right: Vixen Planet 80S frist model Vixen Halley 70S Meade Vixen 60S Pentax J60c
  7. Hi, Sell this doublet from scopetech manufacturer. This lens was polish by kubota optical, i have already send another doublet from this company to optical bench result was very good for the price ( result in picture). Lens is in immaculate condition, no dust, fungus inside. Caracteristics: - Multicoated called "BBAR" treatment see pictures - Physical diameter of lens => 83mm - Focale => 1200mm - Bakelit materials This doublet can be use for mounting scope or replace an old one. Price include shipping Price => 160 GBP
  8. new picts with more precise measure 94.5mm without press velcro tape.
  9. Can took more precise picture if you want . But be sure about one things i have try to put this ring on an scope who has a similar takahashi ring ( carton CST 80KU) and does not fit. Yesterday i have receive 90mm basic skywatcher ring from 365 astro ( took 3 weeks for delivery due to parcel was fully destroy and rebuild by french post ) and now fit perfect with skywatcher ring can take measure of skywatcher ring too if you want. This order came from aliexpress, unfortunately have got custom fee ( near 30 GBP) so this is why seeling price was this.
  10. I can confirm this is 95mm not 90mm as this is why i sell it my scope has got 90mm diamteter and this ring is to big. Forward pictures about weight.
  11. Quality level is very good, can compare to primalucelab level.
  12. HI, Sell this nice pair of ring, made fully in aluminium and good quality. Sell as i choose wrong size during order so ring was completely new. 75 GBP Price include shipping to UK.
  13. Hi, I sell this turret for SCT scope, at the beginning I plan to transform it for use in refractor mode but now I stop the idea. Turret and prism were in very good conditions for age. Four eyepieces in 1.25" size connection. Pretty sure this turret was produce for celestron scope. PayPal prefer not cover fee. Shipping 10£ Price : 175£
  14. Hello, you have also this model in TS website, bak4 prism should also equal to baader T2prism. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p9870_TS-Optics-T2-90--Zenitprisma-mit-28-mm-freier-Oeffnung-fuer-Beobachtung-und-Fotografie.html
  15. You have right for the weight with new focuser. She did this for use the scope in astrophotography, baader will be more precise, she has been already put some Picts of the moon, really nice shots. About the focus this is an problem with this scope reach it can be critical sometimes, it has many InFocus travel, use prism is an obligation.
  16. Sorry misunderstanding you did not replace the focuser, but I know it is possible as the other astronomer did it by a baader steeltrack http://www.astrosurf.com/topic/137491-changement-porte-oculaire-critères/
  17. Notre yet, it is in plan. I am interest by your focuser, do you have any reference? I have plan to bought his little sister, "nagatsumi" it is an 60/1200. At the moment it's not possible as scopetech has not enough order to launch a run to kubota, need wait. I have test the eyepiece which they has been also and really perfect for bino very good quality/price you can find a review from bill Paolini on CN ( also resell by Takahashi America). And finally company sold a mount since 2 month who seems good too.
  18. Just discover this topic yesterday. I have this scope since one year and half and in the past i have her little sister the 80/1000 who has been already a nice scope and did the review on the french. I am very happy FLO decided to distribute this brand who is produce quality scope and other stuff. John did a very good review that i can confim all of his thinking has been correct, i will took the idea to replace the focuser. For my side, it is now one of my favourite scope the image was incredible for a standart achromat especially in lunar and planetary. At the moment, i try to find her right eyepiecebut the better image was with small ortho ( 0.965") and kelnner with big focal and barlowX2. Quality of manufacturing was very good, low weight so you can put it on tiny mount ( be carefull of the lenght), the small finder is clever so very good quality scope for the price. For story, it spend me a lot time to acquire the MAXI. Scopetech boss do not want sold this scope outside of Japan, and at the beginning i don't know this information so i start by pass an order directly to scopetech website and deliver to a proxy but unfortunately scopetech use an system who is able to determine where your credit card came from so my order was cancel. I decided to ask to the guy of KK which i know if he was interest by buy one and send it to me. With an other astronomer in France we decided to bought somes stuff from this manufacturer one Maxi for me and some Cells ( 80/1000, 80/1200 and 80/900) and stuff for the other. The goal of this was to receive it and send the cell to wellenform to check the quality level of Scopetech product. Scopetech is only an OEM the complete scope is produce by Kubota optical/daichi kogaku who produce in the past some very good product. We received three results ( see in the picture), i will just show the Maxi result, you can find the other on webastro or CN. According to result this scope was design for planetary and lunar result is good for a standart achromat.
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