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  1. Thanks Guys Baader film it is then !!! (and a sheet of stiff paper to make the mount...)
  2. Flashed my TouCam last night and it all worked fine Thanks for your help folks. It really was easy!! If you have problems downloading the WCRMAC file from the link (I kept on getting a currupt file error), you can also download it from here: WcRmac - Description Now to finish rebuilding the laptop...
  3. Hi I'm looking to try some solar imaging using my Megrez 72. I'm torn between the Baader film and the Thousand Oaks. Does anyone out there have any experience or preference of either of these (or prefers another...?) Many thanks.
  4. Great image!! I've almost forgotten what the moon looks like its been so long
  5. Why weren't scopes like this available when I first started ...?
  6. Hi Julie Welcome to SGL - hope you enjoyed seeing things the right way up...
  7. Looks fantastic on my iPhone ... Well done!!
  8. Ditto - great one of the bird. Pity the sun got in the way:D
  9. Weird!! Still you can see the tab now... I was tempted to suggest shut down windows and reboot
  10. I'm trying to do this from memory as I haven't got my laptop with me so I may get it wrong ... What opions do you have available under the "settings" tab at the bottom of the options list on the left hand side? 2nd tab usually has the comet stack option there...
  11. Srbin


    Cosmic hugs... I'm jealous!! Welcome to SGL
  12. Wow I'm jealous. That's something I've wanted to do for a long time but can't convince my wife that the tree needs to go. Looks really good.
  13. Thanks for tip folks. But when I see my credit card statement next month, I may not be so thankfull...
  14. I'm no engineer but it does look like a "full cut-off" model, so the there should be less scatter from it. Unfortunately, it looks like the new white light type which is harder to filter against and they're usually taller which means if its shining straight into your garden, it really is going to b****r things up for you. I'd ask for a shade to be put on it and argue that it shines into your house and keep you up all night. Normally if you mention astronomy, they think you weird. The CfDS has loads of advice on their website
  15. Thanks TopHouse - that makes me feel slightly less nervous... I'll give it a shot in the next day or so
  16. Welcome to SGL - how do you find the time to go on 2 forums
  17. I agree - you won't be disappointed. I've used one at a star party and was impressed with it
  18. Srbin

    Hi there!!

    HI there and welcome to SGL. Bet your skies are clearer than ours!!!
  19. Srbin

    hello all

    Welcome to SGL - an observatory after only 18 months - you're doing well
  20. Looking good so far. I remember sinking my pillar and the satisfaction it gave me Keep us to up to date as you go along...
  21. Excellent sketch!!! Well done.
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