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  1. Thanks Peter cant wait to get it lol Im sure the tal mount will support they built like tanks too.....if not i will have to try invest in a suitable mount second hand if poss ...also will my tal lenses eyepieces work ok in it as thats all i have at moment tal 100r, tal 2 and the tal 1 lense barlow a 3x barlow etc
  2. hi ...as you know i recently joined the group having bought 3 tal scopes different models....today i been offered an Astro Systems 10 inch refletor OTA only..both mirrors the flat and main are in good order it looks like a older model in a big greyish silver tube..so no lense for it the focuser is working good too....would I be wise to buy it and I do have a spare tal 2 mount would i be able to attach it to this mount maybe with a few mods..ive posted a pic looks like it will need a finder scope..thanks for you advice in advance ..phil
  3. Its a tough life having astronomy for a hobbie so many things to stop us having a good star gazing night..as much as i love the moon too ...when its bright so hard for me to see the fainter objects...not really got a chance to see anything for 4 weeks since i got these tal telescope apart from a pidgeon in a tree lol
  4. Your welcome SMR...been such a crisp beautiful sunny day up here nr Blackpool ...built my hopes up for a serious night of star gazing with the Tal scopes ...sods law..clouds have rolled in and thats it another wasted night ..cant believe it lol
  5. Lol Kev I done a bit of swearing to this last few weeks..strange hobbie we have...but great when you get them beautiful clear starry nights
  6. Dont know about you guys but these constant cloudy skies up here in the nw coast of the uk are really gettin somwhat depressing...weeks of this thinks we have had one clear night in ages one night last week so a little opportunity to go test the Tal scopes ..concentrated on the constellation of Auriga ..lots of nice star clusters there but clear skie was hampered by the jets leaving there trails and they wer just spreading into a thin haze not blowing or goin anywere so that damped my spirits some what too...last night there was a few breaks early evening a quick glimpse of the moon thru the tal 100r was soon overcome by cloud so not much i could see then the cloud finally covered up everything so back indoors and turned on the pc and did my stargazing by looking at the pc program stellarium to see what i can look for next time i get out under a clear sky...its harder than fishing this lol..hope you all dont suffer this greyness day in and day out like were having at moment ...im suffering from S.A.D....i need the sun lol..the pic is looking east and as you can see its not stargazing weather been like this mostly for weeks up here
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome I tried to reply to all the message but im at my limit of 5 ..so once again thank you....just a quick not on the tal 100r focuser i mention yesterday ..well i managed to fix it this morn by removing the complete focuser from the back of the tube , i then wound the focuser in as far as it wud allow ..cut me a thin piece of metal abouthalf inch by quarter then stuck it on the inside end of cogged piece so when i now wind it ouit it cant travel any further and wont drop out seems an easy fix..the skies are broken today bit of sunshine here on the costa del blackpool hopefully it will stay like this and get some clear skies tonite then I can have a look up there thru the tal 1 and the tal 100r,fingers crossed , if weather and conditions permit i will try take a photo and share with you the view of whatever i can ...hope you all get clear skies tonight, if your like me im getting pretty cheesed off with all this cloud cover day after day night after night..only chance of seeing stars at moment is if i bump my head lol have a nice day all Phil bod..pics of the tal scopes ?
  8. Hi Ive just signed up to this site so forgive me please if I get things in the wrong place Im sure I will find my way around soon...I just bought three Tal Telescopes them old tanks made in russia Ive always been a tal fan ..I got the Tal 1 4.5 dia...the tal 2 150 dia reflectors and today complete in the old beech plywood box a Tal 100r refractor all of them complete with lense and filters...any advice on the best use will be appreciated also the tal 100r focuser works but pops out if you wind it to the end any tips on how to repair this to get me started or were I could get or find a replacent...bit worried about using it as it might slip my mind and forget it pops out and drop it on the floor .....many thanks in advance for reading and any help will be appreciated thanks from Phil bod
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