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  1. Thank you for all your replies. I have very been frustrated with my equipment to the point of quitting altogether and the sell everything. I will try those suggestion in the spring., when the weather gets better. Right now the weather is to cold to be playing with back focus. I use the SkyX pro to captured. Any suggestion for a better capture software? I save this thread for future reference. I will post picture of my settings as soon as I put my equipment together, right now everything is boxed. Again, thank you for all your help with my issue.
  2. Thank you Davey, this is my setup: GT81 Telescope x William Optics Flat6A II 0.8x Adjustable Reducer Flattener x spacers (38.5 mm)x ASI filter wheel (20 mm) x ASI83 pro mm camera. I tried to change the spacers back and forth to cover a wide range of measurements in order to conform with the 71.06 mm recommended by WO. I do try to focus on one star, but she looks so close to screen that I cannot use the Bahtinov mask, to give you a a better idea the star look to magnified on the screen.
  3. Please help with focusing, my telescope don't seems to come to focus, stars look to big and almost covering all the screen. I think it is because the back focus is incorrect. Any help with this issues is really appreciated. Maybe a picture of your setup can be of great help. Thank you.
  4. Please Groberts can you take a picture of your setup. I can.t get the right distance and back focus for my new GT81 with reducer and ASI83pro MM.
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