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  1. As someone who is looking into getting a ASI 1600 with the filters, this image is stunning, and also encouraging
  2. This looks like an interesting piece of kit, a possible replacement for my 127 SW mak
  3. The way you have it mounted in the image is correct. USB towards the East.
  4. Cheers @johninderby , thanks for the response So the SCT to T2 adapter threads onto the Mak to Sct adapter, or is the back on your scope SCT natively ? I kinda want to get away from the locking screws on the extension pieces . I'll definitely have a look at that adapter
  5. Hello everyone, I've got a question. I want to upgrade the visual back on the Mak 127. The standard back on the Mak is not pleasant to work with as seen in the image. I need to get rid of this plastic thing. I purchased a mak to sct adapter when I bought the scope, I never got around to doing anything until now as I've just acquired a Baader 2.25x barlow as shown in the image. Now, I've had a go of attaching the the Baader Barlow into the original plastic thing on the mak, it works .... but I'm not happy with the connection being made with the two locking screws, as there is still movement when the barlow, t-ring and Canon DSLR are all in the train. I've been having a look on FLO for some work around, does anyone have some input as to whether this will work. Mak to sct adapter-> Baader 2 inch to 1.25 reducer adapter->Baader 2.25x barlow + T ring & DSLR https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-2-to-125-reducer-adapter.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/BaaderT2ext-1508153.html Any input or a better way of securing everything is greatly appreciated! Another option I've come across is this , Baader ClickLock 2"-1.25" Adapter and Baader T2 Extension Tube to bring it to 40mm when attached to the mak to sct adapter. Anyone have any experience with this?
  6. It was clear for a time in this neck of the woods also, but as you said a bit late to start observing at on a work night!...... and after mixing tons of concrete all day, energy levels hit zero
  7. Caught him in Dublin as well, great show. I seen the previous one also. His programmes are very good
  8. Indeed! Now I just have to stop buying items from @FLO in the meantime
  9. Yes definitely a conspiracy at play! I took delivery of a new mount mid April, guide scope & cam and other stuff.... I've got to use them a grand total of once ! The weather in Ireland is terrible at the moment
  10. Stellarium does the job for me. Huge amount of weather apps to choose from. Sat24 for live satellite feed, it can be added to home screen https://en.sat24.com/en
  11. According to Elon Musk once the satellites settle into their orbits , they will be not be visible at night. They will however be visible around dusk and dawn before passing into/out of the Earth's shadow. In the below link, Elon responds to the doubts! All are not convinced! Personally it makes me kinda nervous as I've just spent a large sum of money on a new mount, cameras, scopes, battery etc! https://www.google.ie/amp/s/www.geekwire.com/2019/sightings-spacexs-starlink-satellites-spark-awe-astronomical-angst/amp/
  12. Cheers Stub, advice taken onboard
  13. Indeed it was Rodd my first image, I've only managed to get two astro images on the star adventurer, Orion being the second. There was a lot of research before capture and that still continues! It could always be better though
  14. This was the first image/stack of Andromeda taken over a couple of nights last year, I believe it was about 1hr 45m altogether at various ISO and exposure. William Optics z61, Canon 1300d, Star Adventurer, no guiding. Lots of thrown away subs, but I had fun
  15. This is my first reply and post on this forum ,hello everybody! Anyways on to the topic, I can't speak about the other scopes mentioned but I have a WO z61 and the dedicated flattener since July 2018. I have used it quite a lot for photography and astrophotography. The quality is very high in my opinion, solid build. I have traveled with it in a back pack along with the Star Adventurer full package, both are a great match. Optically, the scope (with flattener) haven't let me down at all for terrestrial and astrophotography. I can't speak for visual use per say, as I've always used it attached to a Canon DSLR. I've attached a image of Andromeda (compressed for instaspam) taken with the z61, the field of view is quite nice IMO. Hope this helps (Editing could be better, some awesome examples in other threads on sgl)
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