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  1. Incredible details. Absolutely class act
  2. Yes, not to bad. I need to try with a Barlow if I can
  3. A quick test on the moon April 30th Zwo ASI 533 Mak127 Software: Firecapture, Pipp, autostakkert , Photoshop 2 pane mosaic , 1500 frames each panel, with the 10% best frames used in each stack. Combined and edited in Photoshop. I made the mistake(I think) of capturing in fit format instead of Avi, although it turned out ok.
  4. As someone who is looking into getting a ASI 1600 with the filters, this image is stunning, and also encouraging
  5. This looks like an interesting piece of kit, a possible replacement for my 127 SW mak
  6. The way you have it mounted in the image is correct. USB towards the East.
  7. Cheers @johninderby , thanks for the response So the SCT to T2 adapter threads onto the Mak to Sct adapter, or is the back on your scope SCT natively ? I kinda want to get away from the locking screws on the extension pieces . I'll definitely have a look at that adapter
  8. Hello everyone, I've got a question. I want to upgrade the visual back on the Mak 127. The standard back on the Mak is not pleasant to work with as seen in the image. I need to get rid of this plastic thing. I purchased a mak to sct adapter when I bought the scope, I never got around to doing anything until now as I've just acquired a Baader 2.25x barlow as shown in the image. Now, I've had a go of attaching the the Baader Barlow into the original plastic thing on the mak, it works .... but I'm not happy with the connection being made with the two locking screws, as there is still mo
  9. It was clear for a time in this neck of the woods also, but as you said a bit late to start observing at on a work night!...... and after mixing tons of concrete all day, energy levels hit zero
  10. Caught him in Dublin as well, great show. I seen the previous one also. His programmes are very good
  11. Indeed! Now I just have to stop buying items from @FLO in the meantime
  12. Yes definitely a conspiracy at play! I took delivery of a new mount mid April, guide scope & cam and other stuff.... I've got to use them a grand total of once ! The weather in Ireland is terrible at the moment
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