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  1. Thanks! I need to have a closer look at the CAD file - I take it the plate drops over the large adjustment bolts, instead of having to remove them?
  2. Sorry for bumping this - I've got a 200PDS and just tracked down an identical issue. @discardedastro how easy was it to fit the blocking disk? I'm looking at cutting your design (thanks!) myself, just a little worried about removing the spring loaded adjustment screws
  3. It would slow its cooling but whether or not that would reduce air movement in the tube I have no idea
  4. Avoid a DC focuser if you can, get a stepper one. Also, NINA has a great autofocus tool.
  5. The eventual plan will be a dome or shelter of some kind, i really want something like a skyshed pod but so hard to get in the UK... A while off that yet as want to have the setup finished first. Some of the arduino based stuff will be my own development, yes
  6. Good to know, thanks. I’m assuming a regular Pi + their software + a powered USB hub is the equivalent setup to buying their own unit?
  7. Ah, intend to connect into this telescope remotely, so I need more than a self hosted Wi-fi hotspot. Will look into it...
  8. That would actually be a bit of a dealbreaker - one of the imaging regimes I intend to use is a very fast series of exposures with an ASI290MM. I wonder if it could keep up...
  9. I'm looking at using a relatively unknown package, I think, but will for sure give Stellar Mate a trial on my secondary scope. Is it accessible remotely or only on the same network?
  10. Looking at using a mini PC for my remote AP setup for flexibility, but certainly looking into Stellar Mate for a secondary scope setup based on comments in here...
  11. Hi folks The group I am part of, called The Flame Trench, recently got a lot of interest in building a remotely accessible AP setup for people who follow us to get involved with. We'll be looking into using it for a lot of outreach, especially with a second telescope carrying out some live observing. More info on the build can be found here. I thought I'd make a thread to show the build as we start to get hardware in and watch it progress! Currently we have a Celestron 6SE w/ EQ-wedge, and a canon DSLR - looking at hooking that up to some web tools to enable some live observa
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