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  1. Thank you for the advise I also have a unmodded Nikon D750 with a 300mm Lens so i may give that a go instead but its again a min F5.6 but i will try the more data theory and see how it goes tonight Really appreciate the advise
  2. I have just checked and on the light polution map i use its coming in as a bortle 3 and my Lens was at 5.6 as its lowest i can go at 110mm Im guessing a lower F number longer exposures and many many more images would get better results from what you are saying ? Sorry for the image if it was bad i really am new to this so i will search more guides before trying to edit next time I will go try the North America Nebula tonight with my 50mm at 1.8 and see what this produces, hopefully i will end up with something decent as i can do longer exposures with the re
  3. Thank you for the reply i understand a bit better now so i chose a hard to capture nebula with unmodified camera. I will do some research and find ones that are much like M42 and go from there. I changed to jpg also, thank you for the suggestion.
  4. Hi GeekLee My A7iii is not astro modified yet. My settings were iso 800, it was only 5 stacked images as i had to set off home but they were 2mins 30seconds long on a star adventurer and the skies were very dark it was in mid wales with little to no light polution in that area. I am very confused as i see other astrophotographers on youtube and they make it look so easy when editing the images and out pops a nebula on unmodified cameras so i was getting real confused why i can not do the same but with the CLS filter it works great although produces too much red and i have to set th
  5. Hi all Been trying with astrophotography for past couple months now and not having much luck with my images, I was convinced it was my skys so went and purchased a CLS filter for my sony A7iii and went to a semi dark sky and was amazed i could actually see the heart and soul nebula right on my camera screen but when i use the camera with no filter i am struggling to bring out the nebula. I went to wales last night and really dark skies got a few pictures and stacked them with no filter and can not bring out detail. I am sure its something i am doing wrong and want to be reasured it
  6. Thank you for the replies all i will try to use flat frames next time and yes the moon was out about half moon showing so i will wait some time and try some without and see what happens with some flats. I can see this can be quite unforgiving but trying to stick with it.
  7. Nikon D750 with 300mm lens but i can take images on any of my lenses and they look like this when auto stretched. Tracked on star adventurer pro in a bortle 5 - 6 with ISO 400 for 80 seconds at f10 for better star rounding as wide open the stars are not so great Like i say i can take this on a 50mm prime and still end up with some red distored stuff in my images.
  8. So most nebula images i take end up link the following picture This is about 40 x 80 second images stacked in Sequator then i tried to auto stretch the image in pixingight and also manual in photoshop but they end up turning out roughly the same. Sensor noise ? I am really unsure what im doing so wrong. I am new to this so please any advice would be welcomed.
  9. Hi guys thank you for the replies I have finally got the horse head nebula after quite some time and in a bortle 4, i will continue with the advice given by you all and hopefully on the next clear night will have some results.
  10. Just took an untracked image from my back door for 90 seconds on D750 on 50mm lens at F3.5 and ISO at 620 and you can see how bright the sky looks its almost like a blue sky, the WB is set to auto mind you but i think this is stilla little bright to capture nebula ? 750_5287.NEF
  11. Thank you Hoping for an hour tonight so i'll try what you say and hopefully have results soon.
  12. Hi Danny Im in RAW+Fine The images are just viewed through the camera after taking the images, the sky just looks too bright, i think its maybe a little light polution but have seen others taking nebula images through light polution in as higher and higher bortles than im in. I guess i should maybe up the F number to 4 or 5 and aim for around a 90secondds to 2mins and decrease my iso to around 200 and then try to auto strecth through Pixinsight ?
  13. Hi all I am very new to astrophotography and the best i have done before is a nice shot of orion nebula but thats quite easy for a newcomer i think. Trying to move onto other nebula and have tried numerious times to get the heart and soul nebula but each time i try to develop through Sequator then PS or Pixinsight i am not bringing any red out whatsoever and i am stumped as to why ? I am using a Nikon D750 unmodded and tried various lenses even going down to 50mm prime lens that i 100% know i am getting the nebula im my images as double checking through Stel
  14. I figured it out, it was not listed anywhere that i could find. So my reticle. was spinning on its x properly it was just not straight with the 0 pointing noth it was more just off north towards north east ish, but if you unscrew the magnifier out and look close inside you see 2 notches and you can get your thumb nail in there and twist the cap off the reticle. and then twist the reticle. with your finger until you have it straight and then you can calibrate properly from there. Wish i had done a video to explain a bit better but its the best way i can explain.
  15. I have recenly purchased a skywatcher adventurer pro 2i and followed advice on youtube how to polar allign, so i founda guy on youtube who went into some details to make sure the 0 was pointing directly up and the 6 directly south (link to video) So when i do this method in his youtube video and set my dial to between 10 and 11 my scope is slightly out its is more wonky to the right like in this link Is there a way to twist the scope to the left slightly so it all matches up ? My tripod is leveled and so i know this is not the issue its 100% the scope or th
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