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  1. Great, thanks everyone! I have an old dictaphone knocking around, so I can make verbal notes with that and write them up in the morning.
  2. Evening all, I was just wondering what notes/records (if any) you take during your observation sessions?
  3. Yes, I really enjoyed it! In time, it seems like an area I would thoroughly enjoy researching/practicing. I really wanted to know more about the mathematical models used in his work, but it didn't seem the time to bombard him with such questions.
  4. I really like it here, I'm from Kent originally (one of the not so nice parts) and much prefer this area. People seem much friendlier too.
  5. Hi, yes I have been to the last two meetings (one of which was this evening). Nice bunch! Tonight there was a great talk on spectroscopy.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. I shall read up on filters as it did really hurt my eye. Also, I'm going to get some different eyepieces for different magnification when I'm a bit more experienced.
  7. Yes, I think this is how I shall do it from now on; Moon last. It's not exactly difficult to locate.
  8. I have downloaded a Yale lecture series also, though this is for later on. Not wanting to run before I can walk.
  9. Thank you for the advice everybody! At present I am a little clueless, however I'm reading "The Practical Astronomer" at the moment. Also, I notice that the Open University have some introductory materials online.
  10. Ok, that's a relief (that I won't have damaged my eye). I think I may get a filter (I'll google around),
  11. Hi, So I have a Skywatcher 130p. I was viewing the surface with a 10mm eyepiece on a 2x Barlow.
  12. Evening all, So, I am very much a beginner (at the moment I can recognise Orion... a lot to learn). Anyway, it's a lovely full moon this evening, so like an excited but naive beginner, I went outside and pointed my scope straight at it. It was so exciting, however I couldn't look for long as it hurt my eye. I really should have known better. Anyway, in the future, what is the safe way to view the Moon? Should I be using a filter of some sort? Unfortunately, it made star hopping rather uncomfortable for the evening. Oh well, live and learn...
  13. Hi! So I have been playing around with Stellarium and Star Walk II. So far I quite like Stellarium. It's great that I can tailor the view to my scope and eyepieces.
  14. Great! I have actually seen the Abingdon Astronomical Society online and am hoping to go along one evening soon.
  15. Hi, I am in Didcot, so am hoping for a few nice evenings at Wittenham Clumps when it warms up a bit.
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