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  1. The view is fairly clear without the barlow. Maybe I'm using it incorrectly, but I don't see how. I just put it in the hole and then put in the lense. Frustrating. Is a zoom different than a barlow, and might that be a better option for me?
  2. I'm just trying to view the mountains behind my house. Bought two barlows but they only provide a larger, blurrier view. Is a barlow the same as a zoom?
  3. Thanks, Freddie. By zoom do you mean barlow lens? I bought two different ones but they only give me a larger more blurry view. I bought a celestron x-cel lx and a Vixen 2x.
  4. I only have a 25mm lens that came with the telescope, a Vixen 110L. Just trying to view things on the mountains behind my house.
  5. Are barlow lenses any good. I've bought two, a Vixen 2X and a Celestron Cel-LX 2X, and they just provide a bigger, blurrier image.

    1. SIDO


      Sorry for the late reply just caught this, no I wouldent say barlows are bad just need to use them within the constraints of the seeing conditions and your telescopes highest useful magnification, conditions will always dictate useability so if using a Barlow gives a blurry view successive longer focal length eye pieces should then be tried with the Barlow until the view is sharp hard to do of course with a limited eyepiece collection. A zoom can be used with a Barlow wich is many eye pieces in one and usually are 8 to 24mm so it is a long and short focal length eye piece all in one, always make sure to refocus after adding the Barlow and as well when changing from one eye to the next as all eyes will have a slightly different focus so this means your son should do his own focusing when at the eyepiece. Hope this helps, if you need further assistance just ask ?

             Again Best of Luck!


  6. Hello. I bought two barlow lenses for my new Vixen VMC 110L telescope - a celestron X-cel LX and a Vixen 2X. both do little more than provide a larger, more blurry view of things. I also want to buy a lens that flips the image for terrestrial viewing. I just don't want to keep buying junky things and sending them back. Better to pay a little more and have something of quality, I think. Any suggestions?
  7. Just bought a Vixen 110L telescope for my boy. I have no experience with such things. It came with a 25 mm eyepiece, which I assume isn't useful for much. What sort of eyepieces should I consider buying in order to view objects in the sky or even get some good long-distance terrestrial views? How much should decent lenses cost? Thanks.
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