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  1. Hey i never saw those onces ! Because i looked mostly on astroshop.de. The BST starguiders actually seems perfect for me : good reviews overall (even in f/6 scopes), cheap, nice fov and nice eye relief ! That's it, i'm gonna get those ones for sure ! Thank you very much John ! Would you advice me to get the 12mm or the 8mm for planetary views ? it would give me x110 and x165 magnification respectivly on a 102mm aperture scope. Wich one would be the more enjoyable you think ?
  2. Yes, slow scope sorry, i corrected the title. Ts optics ED are looking good thank you !
  3. Hi there, It's about the only scope i have : celestron nexstar 4se f/13 102mm 1325mm. i know that i want a 9 to 13mm at first to observe planet and later a 30 to 32 mm for nebulas other wonders. I did a lot of search and discussions about what EP i should get (because i have only on for the moment : 25mm plossl). I first though of Hyperion 10mm at 120€ but people told me that it's expensive for what it is because it shows some aberations and soft edges. I then tended to the ES 82° 11mm for 149€ but people told me the eye relief was something around 13mm but that it was a really good EP. So i hesitaded a lot, then i saw that a lot of people are saying that fast scope are much more forgiving concerning "bad quality" eyepiece and you can get good views with low price EP. I am now like: ok then, actually i shouldn't even get an Hyperion, i just should get a cheap but somewhat good plossl or something. Do you know any good EP under 80$ ? i saw some : Orion Expanse 9 mm 49€ Omegon Cronus WA 9 mm 59€ Omegon UWA 9mm 59€ Do you have some other ideas ? Thank you very much,
  4. Thanks everyone ! I can see that this question is a little subjective of course because each person have a comfort preference. The thing is i don't really know what would be my best comfort eye relief because the only eyepiece that came with my celestron nexstar 4SE is a 25mm plossl but i can't find the exact same on internet so i don't know it's eye relief ! On the EP it's only writed : Celestron 25mm PLOSSL FULLY COATED china After some reflection i will actually drop the idea on buying ES82 or Hyperion and go for much cheaper EP at first, because i understood that in faster scopes like mine ( f/13 ) it's much more forgiving. Thank you all
  5. Ok interesting, Actually it's because i don't know if i should take the 11mm ES 82° or the Baader Hyperion 10mm 68° :s
  6. Hi there, For exemple : If you have to choose between 82° eyepiece with 13mm eye relief VS a 68° EP with 20mm eye relief (assuming they have same build quality, and price) What would you prioritise for your viewings ? At what point would you consider a poor eye relief ? below 15mm ? Lower ? Does a poor eye relief is even worse when the Fov is big? PS: People who are wering glasses doesn't count . Cheers.
  7. Hey that's crazy, I did some maths and the 16mm 82° Skywatcher Nirvana would have a better angular FOV than my 25mm 50° plossl Celestron: 1° vs 0.9° for a x83 vs x53 magnification. How about that ! The 82° isn't too much ? you can se the whole image easily ?
  8. Hi, Yesterday evening i went a little far up in the mountain (medium/low light pollutate sky) and that was amazing. I saw andromeda for the first time and i didn't even use the GOTO to find it, just by scanning around Mirach (even though it was just a white halo of light, that was very rewarding ! I also saw got a better view on Orion Nebula (no colours at all but good details !), it was magic. It made me realise that i shouldn't rush into buying a EP SET right away, i just need to be patient and look with what i have, I'm sure there's plenty more DSOs i can come across But i'll listen to you guys : I'll take a 10mm or 13mm first because i really want to see the planets (hyperion or Celestron X-Cel LX) and later i will take a 32mm. Does the FOV of the EP increasing the luminosity of the viewing or not at all ? Also, @Louis D Talked about a light pollution filter, Becasue most of my viewing will be on heavy/moderate light pollutate sites so it may actually be really good, do you really see a diference, i mean they work fine ? Do you know some good ones ? Thank you all so much, that is helping me a lot.
  9. What about this: 1. Omegon cronus 8mm, 60°, 16mm eye relief = 70$ 2. TS Optics 15mm, 58°, 16mm eye relief = 85$ total: 155$ Or: 1. Baader hyperion 13mm, 68°, 20mm eye relief = 135$ 2. Omegon 2x Barlow = 45$ Total: 180$ Or: 1. Celestron zoom 8-24mm, 40°-60°, 15mm-18mm eye relief = 140$ Are those good options ?
  10. Thanks a lot for replies ! I considered the 8-24mm baader zoom because it covers a lot of range, but the 48° fov at 24mm made me hesitate. I looked at orion a lot but only seen the stars, not the nebula (of very dim when i drive for better dark sky), i have a lot of light pullution where i live :s. I didn't know that slow scopes are more forgiving, i should onsider that to get 2 cheaper EPs instead of 1 really good EP.
  11. Hi everyone, I've always dreamed about having a telescope and this day has come. I got a Celestron Nexstar 4se as a present. It's a 1325mm focla lengh and 102mm aperture, so f/13. It comes with 25mm plossl, 52fov. It has been 6 months now and i really enjoyed looking at the moon and M45 mostly. I havn't had a chance to see other clusters, planets yet. and i would like to get a better eypiece to go in that direction. (i know nebulas will be almost impossible considering the small aperture of my scope). I would love to see jupiter/venus/mars and especially saturn. Others clusters too, i really enjoy watching M45. I've seen on forums that you need a lot of mangification to have a nice view on them : x150 and up. But i know also that going that up on magnification will give me blurry images so i don't know what to do !! After a long search i wanted to go for the Baader Hyperion eypiece 13mm or 8mm (wich are the most expensive i can aford) but i'm not sure... the planets are not really visible at that time of the year so will i enjoy the seeings with these eypieces if i don't target planets ? Should i get a 17mm or just a better 25mm ? or cheaper 8mm + 31mm ? I can't chose ! Can someone help please ? Thank you very much.
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