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  1. KiannJames

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    I know i went to a less light polluted place to observe earlier and it was clear!
  2. About 1 hour ago i went to Cannock Chase to take photos with my phone and observe with binoculars, i saw the Andromeda galaxy, Pleiades, Hyades and the Triangulum galaxy, these photos where took with just my phone (S7 Edge).
  3. KiannJames

    Help with DSS!

  4. Overall just dont buy a telescope if it says that the mirror is spherical.
  5. Yeah it was also my first scope, the views almost put me off astro but i searched the internet and realised that it was just that type of scope that was bad.
  6. Exactly! If its advertised as powerful dont buy it.
  7. KiannJames

    Help with DSS!

    Around 250 1 second exposures i know not much exposure time but im expecting the sky to not be clear for very long.
  8. KiannJames

    Help with DSS!

    If all of my exposures are taken from a phone which frames should i add, lights and darks or bias and dark flat too?
  9. People hate them because they are harder to collimate and the corrector lens will absorb and scatter some of the light and it also introduces some Chromatic aberration.
  10. To beginners out there: If you are looking for a scope to buy dont buy anything out of the Celestron Powerseeker series, the Powerseekers are cheaply-made low quality scopes I have used a 127EQ and it had the worst views i have seen through a telescope of that aperture, this is due to the fact that its a Bird-Jones type reflector this means that the mirror is spherical, good reflectors usually have parobolic mirrors and if you are looking for a cheap scope the Celestron Firstscope or the Skywatcher Heritage 76 are good scopes at around £50, if you are looking to spend around £200-£300 i would say the Skywatcher Skyliner 150P or 200P would be good or you could get the Orion Skyquest XT6, if you are looking to pay maybe £100-£200 the Orion Starblast 4.5 would be pretty good although you would need a sturdy table to place it on. Also dont expect NASA-Class views from your scope, with galaxies you can expect a tiny smudge and with nebula you will only see a grey to Green smudge also with planets expect tiny dots with detail depending on the size of your scope.
  11. KiannJames

    Help with DSS!

    I have stacked it and why does it look like that?
  12. KiannJames

    Help with DSS!

    I might have a go at stacking do you have to put an equal amount of bias frames dark frames etc? And how would you stop the image being too bright?
  13. KiannJames

    Help with DSS!

    M42 with a phone
  14. KiannJames

    Help with DSS!

    I have got it in the stacking part but how do i get it into the processing part, btw i havent stacked it i just want to process it
  15. KiannJames

    Help with DSS!

    I went on to this screen found the file and pressed open and its still blank.

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