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  1. AstroCiaran123

    Free Voyager posters for download

    Great find ! Any one of these would make a cool T-Shirt.
  2. AstroCiaran123

    Opportunity's final messsage.

    Yep, one term describes NASA's engineering audacity. ...Sky Cane !!!!
  3. AstroCiaran123

    Opportunity's final messsage.

    NASA has gone a bit weird IMO regarding the first person perspective tweets issued on some missions (Not in this instance I appreciate) I personally find these FPP tweets quite odd and somewhat banal. Though to be fair it must be quite emotional when a long duration mission such as this finally comes to an end. Anyhow, I greatly respect NASA and the work they do, it is one of humanity's more noble endeavors.
  4. AstroCiaran123

    Pastel sketch of the H alpha full solar disc, Feb 15th

    Stunning, work of art.
  5. AstroCiaran123

    Transporting telescopes

    My OTA is to too long for back seat, it goes into the boot. I wrap in up in an old duvet then jam it against the wheel arches with cushions to stop it rolling about. The roads here can be quite bad but to date have had no problems transporting scope.
  6. AstroCiaran123

    Unidentified Binocular Eyepiece.

    Thanks folks. I've another set of de-collimated 10x50's that I'm going to strip down and use Michael's method. (They took a knock and went slightly out. Tried to readjust the prisms: you can guess the rest....) Cheers all.
  7. Great info, thanks for posting. Still going strong 10 years later !!!!
  8. AstroCiaran123

    Where to go for observing?

    Make enquiries as to any local Astronomy Clubs in your area, they will have local knowledge on this and be glad to help. For really great views you would need to get as far as possible from any major urban area. I use a site approx 35 miles from my home. Find a public spot to setup, avoid private land without permission. Check your local Ordanace Survey map for suitable spots. Archeological sites in state care are usualy accessible. Isolated state managed beauty spots may be accessible too. Bring someone else along for company and safety as you may be out late at night in an isolated area. Check phone coverage before setting up equipment. Good luck in your search.
  9. AstroCiaran123

    Very excited 44 year old XT8 owner greetings

    Yep, you've come to the right place then ! Enjoy the new scope.
  10. AstroCiaran123

    Hi from new member

    Hello from Belfast. I joined recently as well. SGL is fantastic, loads of help and encouragement. Have fun !
  11. AstroCiaran123

    Which telescope. A telescope pilgrimage.

    Very interesting analysis. Perhaps the "Made in China" effect. You can probably recall when "mic" was a byword for cheap rubbish. I can recall such items branded "long March" etc. Nowadays when I go shopping with the other half I like to pass the time searching for products, clothes etc that have not been made in China or thereabouts.
  12. Thanks for the excellent summary.
  13. AstroCiaran123

    Which telescope. A telescope pilgrimage.

    On the flip-side, are we now spoiled for choice? I can recall when I started observing that the 6 inch newt was considered advanced amateur. Had a look at the OOUK site the other day, some setups cost more than a new car !!! Anyhow, of to FLO for a drool.
  14. AstroCiaran123

    Light and dark matter

    I find difficult to get my head around the fact that electromagnetic radiation has a quantifiable propogation constant at all. James Clerk Maxwell was able to determine it from mathematical theory alone, which is pretty awesome. But WHY did the universe settle on one particular speed and not another. Instantaneous transference of information must have been forbidden at the Big Bang, and out fell "C". Sorry, slightly off thread on this one. I reckon there's a major paradigm shift awaiting us further up the road. Check out the "Great Debate" of the 1920”s. Ah, could waffle on for hours on this one
  15. Could I ask for a few more words regarding the data captured here and a brief explanation of the interpretation. I have some physics and I can appreciate the principle of the Doppler effect here. An appropriate web link would suffice also. Is that frequently range in the order of 1.4 x 10(8) MHz or Hz. Thanks.

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