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  1. Skipper Billy, I am sorry for the excesses that took this discussion. As you can see, the OGEM was not available at the time of your choice. You have chosen the Mesu 200 and it is a very good choice compared to the mounts currently on the market. I wish you great moments of pleasure. Alain
  2. The way you defend MESU with such Vigor, one might think you are in some way affiliated with Bernard I have no connection with JTW. I will have defended Lucas Mesu for his Mesu 200 as well. I simply defend the craftsmen who try to help amateur arstronomers by offering them good value mounts, just like the French craftsman a few years ago with the Trassud. The comparison with motorcycle engines being a joke. The comparison makes me laugh too, or your neighbors sleep under the dome. Well, I stop my stupidities and I go out. Without hardfelling, let's be cool
  3. Sorry, but it's not Mark from JTW Astronomy who did these tests with a Meade mount but the FreeGo2 team, so there is no connection. For the video, Mark of JTW Astronomy wanted to do it at home after his work, to show the early birds its operation and the FreeGo2, not being in his case, he did not want to show (circuit board and cables apparent electrics, which was not very "aesthetic". As for the sound of motors, let me laugh.We do not judge a motor on its noise (listen to the sound of a motorcycle Harley and that of a Kawazaki), especially when the motor runs at full power). For the price: MESU 200 with 20kgs counterweight: 6230 + 260 = 6490 € OGEM with counterweight (30kgs), stainless steel discs and absolute encoders: 3990 + 500 + 600 = 5090 € is 1400 € difference. Now I do not understand how to criticize a mount that is not yet used. Let the future owners have the time to do the tests. There, it will be possible to say what is right and what is wrong and to make a comparison for those who want it. This OGEM mount, I'm sure will be a good mount ... just like the MESU 200 that I will not criticize in any way. Recall the subject of the discussion: Anyone using an OGEM mount?? Clear skies
  4. Thank you Skipper Billy ! and I say the same thing as RayD
  5. Can you tell us the price you paid for the Mesu 200, (VAT and counterweight included)? did you take the absolute encoders? Thank you.
  6. After reflection and saw the deviation of the topic, the real question is whether this OGEM mount will be or will not be a good mount, suitable for astrophotography with good monitoring with a significant load possible. It is not necessary to compare it to any mount with gear or friction drive. It's my point of view.
  7. Can we compare high resolution motors with absolute encoders? I do not know and here I confess my ignorance. A small precision, the absolute encoders do not cost 800 € but 500 €
  8. As long as the OGEM will not be tried it would be completely stupid at the moment to compare them on their performances and their faults. The only comparison at present may be only on their resemblance and the price. Subsequently, it will be necessary to compare them side by side by doing the same tests to be objective.
  9. A question I ask myself: the Mesu 200 has stainless steel wheels as standard? On their website, this is not indicated.
  10. I do not agree with you: the Mesu 200 costs 4711 + 21% VAT = 5700 € without the counterweights The OGEM 3900 € + 600 € stainless steel wheels = 4500 € ((VAT included) and with 30KG counterweights ( and we know that the counterweights are not given !). Even if Mark adapts the controller SiTech, the OGEM will always cost less than the MESU 200 !!
  11. It's true that this is one of the few mistakes Mark made. To my knowledge, I have not seen a test report of the periodic error. I'm sure he thought he did not have so many problems with the FreeGo2 controller. Yet tests had been done with the Goto (see some videos). I think the problem comes from absolute encoders.
  12. This is the last new of Mark, JTW Astronomy (saturday 12): We are sending OGEM number 1, the first prototype to E-Eye remote observatory in Spain for testing purposes and to allow people to try before they buy. Our commitment to you is the highest priority. The Early Bird mounts will ship before we start to work on the next batch of orders. The reason that this mount has not gone to a customer is because it is a prototype and has some minor issues that are not present on the mounts you will receive. These are mostly cosmetic due to the repeated assembly/disassembly and fitting. It will function identically, so we feel it should be put to good use. Maybe you saw this already, maybe not, but we want to clarify the situation to avoid any misunderstandings. We've already started to received the first controller sets and everything is on schedule. Greetings Mark
  13. Mark may have made some mistakes (who does not?) But he dared to make a new mount at an affordable price. Let's be confident
  14. WAHOOO !!! , Japz, I totally agree with you, from the beginning to the end. You have all summarized. It is true that since the mount is in the hands of the FreeGo2 team, communication is rare. But what can Mark of JTW say, since he does not control this team? I'm sure he did not think he had all these problems! Clears skies (but for me, 2019 starts badly, not a single clear night since the beginning of the year )
  15. it comes down to putting grease on the car brake discs! The motor axis is in direct contact with the edge of the wheel and it is the pressure that drives the wheel. The surface of the edge wheel of the OGEM are treated against rust. There is no gear and worm in the OGEM mount training
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