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  1. It actually is. But as I said yesterday, I'm hoping to afford it by next year. One thing I can say is, both the Heritage and Explorer are excellent gear to get started, and that's - after all - what I'm doing here. Thanks very much for the advice!
  2. Figured it'd work for either of both (130mm/203mm) according to this demonstration. However, will keep that in mind. Being that the only advantage, there's an easy fix for a cheaper price. I'd always go for the 130P tube, no matter DOB or AZEQ Avant. This due to the fact that while researching I've found the 'PS' most likely handy for AP, rather than visual experience. Considering these details, along with the suggested video's review and given details about the mount, I'm starting to see the Dobsonian 130p as the best option. It'd comfortably fit my budget and leave me the chance to add more accessories. This without significant differences between the tubes, which has been my concern from the very first, as well as it's been the hypothetical advantages an AZEQ mount could bring to me. Thanks for the outstanding reply!
  3. Yep. It does include the Avant. Skyliner 200p (flextube) + accessories (Cheshire sight tube + 2x Barlow) > £510 Explorer 130p (With AZEQ Avant) + accessories (Cheshire sight tube + 2x Barlow) > £373 Heritage 130p + accessories (Cheshire sight tube + 2x Barlow) = £208 Was actually considering these prices (given there's no more available options in my country). So, guess it's my bad ? I'll stick to the visual 130mm 'debate' though: Does the explorer w/AZEQ Avant mount worths the price difference?
  4. Hi, and thanks for the welcome. Great suggestion on the Skyliner, though I'd have to double up my budget. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it by late 2019.
  5. Hey guys. After many years of waiting, I've decided to finally go for my first telescope. Yet, today find myself stuck between two excellent entry-level options, so I'm looking for some help. Before I get straight to my questions, I'd like to share some information about what I'm expecting to do with the equipment (among other stuff). - Objectives: Deep Sky, and some planetary observation. No interest in astrophotography, GoTo, or any other device (maybe/eventually in the future). - Budget: Given complementary I'll be getting a 2x Barlow (SkyWatcher; achromatic), and a starguider laser collimator (1.25-2), these are my two best available options to fit on its range. - Light pollution: Low-Med. Being that said, here are my questions: - Mount: After days of heavy research, so far hardly found a review about it; What do you guys think about the AZEQ AVANT type of mount?; Could it beat Dobsonians?; Would it be a better option in my case? and if so, why? - Conventional Tube vs Heritage's Compact Flex Tube: What are the differences (pros-cons) I can expect from one and the other? (despite no difference between mirrors and diameter). - Explorer 130P AZEQ AVANT (newbie question): Would it be possible to transport the whole structure armed from one spot to the other in my yard? Any help/opinion welcomed. Happy 2019!
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