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  1. It's new and the brass bit was bent when I got but thought it was normal. I will contact them tomorrow x
  2. Ah I’m so bad at all this I thought the longer one was for RA and shorter is for Dec anyway regardless it’s still broken and no idea if it can be repaired!!
  3. What end do you mean? Yes it is bent and was when I received it. I’m new to scopes and thought it was meant to be that way??
  4. Hello I really need help. I have a Bresser Messier 1200mm scope and I have been using it fine. Tonight I have gone to set it up and the Dec handle has come off in my hand. The bolt that runs through has shearered off?? I have no idea what to do is this fixable?? Help please
  5. Amazing thanks for that I have added the extension so will try that out.
  6. This is how it is set up at the minute. No extensions etc.
  7. I have focused on random stars but can only focus if all the way out?
  8. I do have the diagonal refractor. Should I try without?
  9. I have just got a Bresser Messier AR-152L 1200mm. It comes with a 26mm eyepiece. I am new to all this and I am unsure what I should expect to be able to see with this scope. It also seems the focusing mechanism has to be fully out to be able to see anything. Any my advice on if this is normal I would appreciate any help thanks
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