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  1. I've seen an interesting issue with my first few captures; the dark frames and light frames I took with the camera mounted on the scope featured this odd glow towards the middle/left of the frame. Conversely if I take a dark frame with a cap after the EFW with the camera on my desk, I get a perfect dark frame with the ASI183's usual amp glow. Is this likely to be a light leak, or something else altogether? Skywatcher 200PDS, ASI183MM-PRO, Mini ZWO EFW, all clamped up in the standard Skywatcher focuser.
  2. Thought I'd follow up on this, at risk of necro'ing a thread - I went for the ASI183MM-PRO in the end and have been very happy with it. The oversampling and narrow FoV make for incredible detail - I've only had two nights with it so I'm still working out the kinks, and the coma corrector is still on its way (along with a Hitecastro DC focus). I got a set of Baader LRGB and mini EFW which appears to be working well, and stumped for Sequence Gen Pro which I got working with EQMOD and platesolving yesterday! First quick image attached, though I've got plenty of PI/LRGB stuff to lea
  3. Coma corrector's an interesting one - have been considering picking up a Baader MPCC or the Skywatcher corrector/reducer, but have only seen a very small amount of coma in my light frames (example attached). I think If I upgrade the camera I may start to notice it a bit more - the D1X may be ancient but it got me making images I was actually happy with and happy sharing (and thanks for the kind feedback!) - it is a bloody old thing though! I've attached a single light frame. I think I'll stick to mono, whichever way I go vendor-and-sensor wise. Some of the higher resolution sensors like t
  4. I'd definitely start with a replacement hand controller, just to rule it out - it's a cheap thing to get and the more up-to-date Synscan controller is probably useful anyway if it's not the problem. Beyond that, if the mount is drawing much current at idle (>0.5A) then it might be a short or similar, otherwise likely to be a controller issue either internally or externally. If it's external replacing the hand controller will fix it. if it's internal, off to your fave mount service team it is I think!
  5. Hi all, Long time reader, thought I'd post for a change! I've been working my way up to a sensible AP rig, with a focus largely on DSOs. My current setup is: Skywatcher 200PDS Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro mount Primaluce 60mm guidescope and ASI120MC guidecam Nikon D1X (yes, the 17 year old one) camera for imaging Other bits: Hotech laser collimator, Bahtinov mask, Nevada 12V PSU, QHY Polemaster, Astrozap dew shield for the 200P, random PCs, and a Telegizmos cover Software: PHD2 guiding, capturing on the DSLR with a hardware intervalometer, Rawtherapee+DS
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