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  1. from what ive seen from people with imaging skills, the flea and dmk reign, you can also push a higher f/r because of the larger chip, the ASI's are a smash hit taking nice images, the smaller cmos chip you may limited to f/2 though, the high frame is its plus- another option is the Qhy5ii- same chip as the ASI but ordering from HK saves about $100 over the ASI, mine was $195 USD shipped, firecapture seems to be choice, but i cant get it operate on my computer- they state you need a newer model with alot of ram and dual core for firecapture to operate, so im limited to sharpcap and EZ planetary- im not sure which is better of the two yet
  2. i thought you got the dmk baz? anyway- looks like you got the color debayer wrong
  3. ive had the spc900nc and the original neximage- from what ive seen of this new camera, id rather have older model or spc over the new neximage 5 anyday
  4. i took this with my DSLR and scope using BYEOS, no barlow used at this time being i didnt have the corrrect adaptor, finally got one so i can barlow now when i get a chance
  5. hi all, just got a new QHY5LII couple weeks ago, after 2 weeks i still cant take an record an AVI using EZ planetary- no matter what i do i get something about the suffix or incorrect filepath, i have no idea what a suffix is or how to fix this,when i get done my video options freeze up and got to start the program over again, i want to try this software, in the meantime i can use sharpcap, which seems really nice but i want to see if ez planetary is better with more controls- im really stuck!!- john
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