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  1. so what dobsonians are recommended for this price range? besides the heritage 130
  2. refractors do seem pretty complicating now. so with telescopes there's no perfect design? its all opinion and preference right?
  3. If there was 1 telescope whether it be a refractor or reflector what would you gys choose. I know everyones opinion is different but it will help me create my own preference and opinion is it better getting a reflector or refractor at my price range?
  4. say I removed my limit of only getting reflector... what would be a good replacement on the refractor side for a similar price.. I have done more research and watched videos and I have been surprised by some refractors
  5. What about the skywatcher 130EQ2 Explorer? thoughts and opinions on it??
  6. Is it a better idea to wait a few months, do some studying and buy something more expensive?
  7. Hi, I quite like the look of the Heritage 130p. is it complicated to set up? is there anything you could add about it? Merry Xmas Hi Ruud, I don't want to waste my money so its best I be cautious I guess! They are both slightly out of my price range. I'm looking at spending no more than £150 for my first telescope to then upgrade to something better during summer 2019, is there any you know of within tis price range? Merry Xmas
  8. Hi guys, I have always been interested in astronomy/astrology and now I'm at the stage in my life when I can do it as I please now having a job ect… I'm looking into buying a telescope, always wanted to so why not!? I have done some revision already and i'm pretty set on buying a reflector instead of a refractor because of the wider aperture, because it admits more light... You guys will know why. I'm still learning and reading about telescopes looking into different ones and struggling to make up my mind on what to buy. My Price limit for my first telescope is no more than £150 for obvious reasons. I'm trying to find the best possible telescope for that price to get me started. I don't expect anything super fancy but my goal is to be able to clearly see the rings of Saturn, see all the planets, other stars, closely observe the moon, see moons of other planets, see other galaxies, nebulae. things like that. I'm not getting into Astro photography yet, purely just stargazing. I have a few telescopes in mind at the moment - Celestron Astromaster 114EQ, I like this because its got a nice 1000mm Focal length and a 114mm aperture, this costs £129.99 Celestron PS1000 Newtonian relector telescope, this has a 127mm aperture and a zoom up to about 270x I think, it has been reduced from £249.99 down to £119.99 Meade Polaris 114EQ, this is similar to the first Celestron but its £10 cheaper but same focal length and aperture. Any help or suggestions on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
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