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  1. Thanks. I saw a Dutch website (hemel.waarnemen.com) that gave similar numbers for the visual observation of Geminids. That the normalisation factor between your radio and visual is about 1, is thus accidental. The observation of Tomatobro means that one can learn about the location and direction of the meteoroids by finding coicident observation. Then the reflection cone must be rather sharp (Here I base myself on a German article by prof. Klaus von der Heyden, DJ5HG and an English article by Wolgang Kaufmann, which you probably know about). Hans
  2. Richard Hi, question here: what do the number of events mean. They depend on the amount of sky you cover, as well as on the radio emitter (you use GRAVES I presume). The predictions are the visually observable. You can normalize your results some way? cheers Hans
  3. Hallo Paul, Why a turnstile? How do you operate? Axial and normal I presume. So not directed to Iceland? What do you mean with 55.2500? you mean 55.250 MHz? I looked at GRAVES from Bonn Germany, my first try at this, saw events. Would like a transmitter more north, I loose 10 to 20 degree elevation towards south from my location.
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