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  1. Going to be getting my 700d modified soon, and I've got two options. (I'll be using it for daytime and astro, this is the important bit). Option 1 - Get my 700d Baader modded and to retain autofocus (it's my understanding that the Baader bcf will also act as a UV/IR cut filter, but please correct me if I'm wrong) and then purchase a Skytech cls filter (I live in a Bortle 6). Total cost £195. Option 2 - Get my 700d modded, without the Baader filter but with a re-shimmed sensor to retain autofocus, and then purchase a Skytech cls-ccd for the necessary UV/IR filter. Total cost £165. Now, I am your average skint student, so those extra few quid are reasonably important, but if the more expensive option will yield better results I can stretch to that amount. I'm not fussed about colour balancing, I've been dealing with RAW colours for years so that's not an issue. All I need to know is which will be the better option, which will give better star colour or better contrast etc etc, or is it just six and two threes? Thanks.
  2. I mainly go for very widefield shots of nebulae(mostly with a 135mm lens and occasional my WO ZS61), but I do enjoy imaging galaxies in Spring. I've been doing it for a few years now and I'm quite competent, but I've always found filters to be a bit of a minefield. I'm thinking that the Astronomik clip in filters (I can't find any Hutech clip ins for Sony A7ii) are most practical as I do a lot of imaging with bog standard camera lenses. Astronomik do a UHC E and a standard UHC filter, but which would be better suited for me I have no idea.
  3. Evening all, Apologies if I'm resurrecting an old post. I'm getting tired of having to lug out my gear 40 miles each night which is especially difficult as I don't drive. I've decided to bite the bullet and make the most of my Bortle 7 skies, so I need to invest in a decent light pollution filter. A mono camera is in the pipework down the line but for now it's not an option, which is why I'm looking into clip in filters for my Sony A7ii. So far, the two I've found are Astronomik CLS, and the Astronomik UHC-E. They're at slightly different price points, and I can't find a decent explanation of the main differences between the two. Which one would I be better off with? Thanks, Ben
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