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  1. I,m not able to add Pictures for now,we'll se tomorrow.
  2. Here`s a couple of pics from a newbie , i`m using a skywatcher startravel 120/600 and a Canon EOS 1000D. Feddback is very appritiated. Thanks Partial moon , not good seeing ,guided. ISO 200 manuel/bulb
  3. I used ISO 100 and 1/4000 shuttertime,but still to much light for me to see any details at all,like it was over exposed. do you have any filter suggestions ?
  4. Hi, been trying to image jupiter with my DSLR (canon 1000D) but the image is to bright for me to see any detail at All (the lines) in the pictures. I'm using a skywatcher startravel 120 so i know i can't get really detailed pictures, but when i do visual with a celestron 8-24 zoom eyepiece, a short barlow and a moon and skyglow filter, i get accepable views. So, the only 2" filters i have is cls and uhc,have anyone tried some of the these?
  5. Ordered one from FLO ,so no need for this add, please remove. Thanks.
  6. Baader Solar Continuum Filter wanted ,must be willing to post to Norway.
  7. Thank you vlaiv , it's great to have people like you on forums , always willing to help. Thanks. Yes I did check the Nd3 filter , and it was there, checked it towards a lamp , but it is visual from the top also. Since there were no user manual , I found the ones from other solar wedge brands, but I found it strange that the front end was threaded. Unfortunately there has been a lot of rain here I Norway, but hopefully there will be a chance to test it out on Sunday. By the way , I did buy a variable polarizing filter from FLO which I intend to use? Again,thanks Vlaiv ?
  8. Hi , received my solar wedge today (link above) but i'am wondering were the cpl filter goes ,the front of the wedge is threaded but i read that there should be no filters in front of it. There were no user manual.
  9. Can anyone that has this sky watcher extension tube tell me if the bottom of it screws off. https://www.astroshop.eu/column-stands-extensions/skywatcher-tripod-extension-tube-for-az-5-deluxe/p,55485
  10. Well got my pc sorted out, and i have downloaded both autostakkert and registax6 but i'am a bit confused of which settings to use on Dso's i autostakkert, any advice, anyone? ?
  11. Hi , and thanks for your reply, my iso setting was 800 and the stars seems Sharp,but i'm not sure , i have no tracking yet, just manual adjusting with the finderscope between each picture,so it might go both ways. No synscan goto yet,to many bills to pay for now, but i will by eventually.?
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