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  1. Ordered one from FLO ,so no need for this add, please remove. Thanks.
  2. Baader Solar Continuum Filter wanted ,must be willing to post to Norway.
  3. Thank you vlaiv , it's great to have people like you on forums , always willing to help. Thanks. Yes I did check the Nd3 filter , and it was there, checked it towards a lamp , but it is visual from the top also. Since there were no user manual , I found the ones from other solar wedge brands, but I found it strange that the front end was threaded. Unfortunately there has been a lot of rain here I Norway, but hopefully there will be a chance to test it out on Sunday. By the way , I did buy a variable polarizing filter from FLO which I intend to use Again,thanks Vlaiv
  4. Hi , received my solar wedge today (link above) but i'am wondering were the cpl filter goes ,the front of the wedge is threaded but i read that there should be no filters in front of it. There were no user manual.
  5. Can anyone that has this sky watcher extension tube tell me if the bottom of it screws off. https://www.astroshop.eu/column-stands-extensions/skywatcher-tripod-extension-tube-for-az-5-deluxe/p,55485
  6. Well got my pc sorted out, and i have downloaded both autostakkert and registax6 but i'am a bit confused of which settings to use on Dso's i autostakkert, any advice, anyone?
  7. Hi , and thanks for your reply, my iso setting was 800 and the stars seems Sharp,but i'm not sure , i have no tracking yet, just manual adjusting with the finderscope between each picture,so it might go both ways. No synscan goto yet,to many bills to pay for now, but i will by eventually.
  8. Anyone tried this? I have an AZ3 mount which i got together with my startravel 120 , but i have since bought a better mount , an NEQ5 from sky-watcher. I dismanteled the AZ3 head and it's only connected with a screw up in the middle, smilar to the AZ5, i think a small modification , if any , is all that it would take , but not quite sure. I was thinking of using it on a smaller 90500 scope if possible
  9. No, my computer acts lile crazy,trying to open a lot of new pages without managing it.it's an old computer with a broken hinge and keyboard, that i fixed and a new keyboard is on it's way. So hopefully it will be ok once i get it reset. I just have to find a way to transfer the the pictures before i do it. Unfortunatly i deleted the pictures on my camera,when they were downloaded to my computer. I did try to download autostakkert to an other computer, and it works, but this computer doesen't have any storage.
  10. Hi,tried to i mage the orion nebula yesterday evening,i took 112 pictures with 10 seconds exposure time. I use my Canon EOS 1000D (The settings should be correct) and prime focus with a 1"25 adapter , which was the only adapter i had an cls filter for . Looking at the photos on the camera,i can see some vaque stars,but when downloaded to my computer , not so much. I can't download autostacker or dss because my computer won't allow it, i think i have to reset it to factory settings. I LIVE in a very light polluted area so the pictures was taken 50/50 with and without the cls filter. Should i use my 2" prime focus whithout filter, and do i need a flatener also. My scope is a sky-watcher st 120
  11. Well i have to start somwhere i have searched on white light solar observing now as you mentioned above , and found a lot of stuff. I have also ordered the safety film for my st 120, but i ordered a complete seteup instead of just the film. Thanks for the advice. All the best.
  12. Hi , yesterday i had the chance to view the sun through my Clubs Lunt solar Scope, and that was a great experience , but the Equipment is way out of my League. But i have a Aquila 90500 Scope on its way from China , and thinking this might be used as a cheaper Version of a solar Scope. I also found this one , and Wonder if any of you have any experience With it , i'm on a tight Budget so this will fit right in if it's usable ,this will be a way to get me started. I see they have red and green Versions to , to diffrent prices, but what is the diffrence? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hercules-white-SOLAR-SYSTEMS-1-25/32825535273.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.10.918857813VlT4D&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2_10065_10068_319_10059_10884_317_10887_10696_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10307_537_536_10902,searchweb201603_56,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=e0ab7c04-ffda-4461-8cf9-aa44eedf49ac-1&algo_pvid=e0ab7c04-ffda-4461-8cf9-aa44eedf49ac&transAbTest=ae803_3 The Scope in this thread : https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/547541-chinese-made-refractor-excellent/ Thanks in advance, GKA
  13. Hi Vlaiv , those are the kind of Pictures i'd like to take , and thank you for the advices. i believe tha iso setting was 1600 in my picture, which is way to high. Found a tread here about recomended iso settings on the 1000D and that was 200 (800) so i will Experiment some more once the clouds dissapear. I have also bought a Bathinov mask , which i've already tried :-)
  14. I like the prime very much , and i will work on that , but i think i have to do something about the settings . I tried the Barlow x2 but i didn't work out , probably a combination of the camera setting and me . I really appritiate you taking the time to give me advices , it is much needed for a beginner like me Here's the Picture i took yesterday With prime Focus.
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