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  1. Hi folks, I'm trying to figure out which direction to go. I've just finished routing some cables to my mini-PC, which currently lives on my dovetail plate, as can be seen below, power distribution cables are the only part missing. I'm trying to figure out if I should just buy the Pegasus Pocket Powerbox Micro or discard the whole mini-PC idea and go with the ZWO ASIAir Pro instead. Both units aren't far apart in price. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
  2. I can probably do that when it the clouds go away. Not sure if light pollution might cause another artifact(s) to appear.
  3. Yes UV/IR, it's an Optolong L-Pro broadband filter. Below the emission graph.
  4. What's the equipment you're using here? Is it an Esprit 100ED as well?
  5. Hi Wim, Thanks for the reply. Do you think it might be some reflection on the L-Pro I'm currently using? Below is a picture on how I currently have it setup.
  6. Hi folks, I think my vision is failing me, or I'm just losing my mind. A few nights ago, I did a session on the Jellyfish Nebula. I took about 51 subframes of 120 seconds and added Flats, Dark-Flats and Darks as required. After stacking and calibrating the images with AstroPixelProcessor (APP), there seems to be a big circle at the lower edge of the frame. I thought this might be a dust bunny on my L-Pro filter, and the flats should have picked it up. Taking a look at the flats, which I took right after completing the session, shows no indication of the circle. I then started looking at e
  7. Hi all, After detecting a small fracture on the edge of the protective window of my ASI294MC Pro some time ago, I managed to replace it with a new one. ZWO describes the glass as "ZWO D32 AR" for the ASI294. AR probably stands for anti-reflective, not sure. I was wondering if the glass should be installed pointing in a specific direction, or is the anti-reflection both ways? I'm seeing some halos while pointing at bright stars but could be something else, see attached start image as a reference (a single frame exposure). Thanks in advance for any help. Kind regards,
  8. Hi folks, I just upgraded my main imaging scope to a Sky-Watcher Esprit 100Ed. I'm currently looking for ideas to attach my 60mm guide scope and mini-PC with Pegasus Powerbox on top of the main scope. Probably an additional plate might help help? Anyone mind sharing some pictures as a reference? Many thanks in advance. Jairo
  9. Hi folks, I've been seeing tear drop shape stars with the EdgeHd 8 and ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera, so I verified the collimation. I'm using a celestron x0.7 reducer. Does collimation needs to be checked with an eyepiece or with the camera and with or without reducer? I'm asking since I verified my collimation yesterday and couldn't see the concentric rings with the complete imaging train (ASI294MC, OAG, and x0.7 reducer). It was only showing the inner shadow and outer circle. I than replaced the AS294MC with my guide cam (ASI120) which has a much smaller sensor and could see many ring
  10. Hi all, Exceptional calculator! I have a question. I'm using an OAG and get the following results which is 1:0.81. If I put Binning to 2x2 on the guide camera I get a ratio of 1:1.62. Which would be a better, with or without binning the guide camera? Results without guide came binning Results with guide cam binning
  11. Hi, all thanks for the information. I've managed to test the mount with a bench power supply capable of going from 4 to 15 Vdc and 10 Amps max. At around 13.8 Vdc and performing a star alignment, it will stall and make the whining noise. Going up to max volts ~15 Vdc it seems to work somewhat better and reach the alignment star, but by pressing the Ra and Dec simultaneously it would stall until I stop pressing. The red Led is constantly on prior, during and post the stall. Strange enough I noticed that during stall and right after slewing it will vibrate a little. Attached is a picture of
  12. Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. Every parameter seems to be Ok from what I could see and well balanced. I've recorded a video and made a few pictures of the setup, follow the link below: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1FjPwdaA_u_1x9oXYQFbNi7QYMf6kDYzb Also, attached is a picture of the voltage read on the hand controller with the Celestron Powertank Lithium Pro connected.
  13. Hi all. I've just received past Saturday a new EQ6-R Pro mount. I've also purchased a Celestron Powertank Lithium Pro which was recommended to use with this mount. Unfortunately, while slewing to a star for alignment it will "stall/stop" halfway. Could it be suffering a power related issue. The led stays constant without blinking. I was wondering what is the right power supply to use with the mount? And is there any reliable battery pack for the mount?
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