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  1. ok thanks all. i will go with the dehumidifier, i have a couple but will look at the one most of you seem to be going for, no one seems to have a heater in, why ? i was advised to have one in there and on a night i am doing some observing etc turn it off an hour before and open foof to let area cool down and temperatures equalise, is this bad advice ? cheers kev
  2. Hi all, i am just setting up my pulsar 2.2 dome, i have strip led lighting in it that changes from white to red lights , i am insulating the sides too, just advise please if poss on whether or not i need to have a heater or dehumidifier in there or both and do i need anything else ?? except some clear nights of coarse !! once i finish it i have a meade 12" lx600 that i carnt wait to use, will have to go on tripod at first thou as 2 foot thick concrete base not hardened enough yet to rawbolt pier down, thanks kev
  3. Hi all, anyone got a meade autostar 2 controller for sale please ? cheers kev
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