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  1. Nice. Add an astroeq controller and you have a great goto. Better made than an eq5
  2. a basic one. Are mounted 1.25 or 2 inch filters designed to work A)thread pointing to the sky. or b) thread pointing to the camera. With different imaging trains i can fit them either way. Is there a right or wrong? Or doesnt it matter? when looking at filters visually one side is more mirrored and one more coloured. I guess mirror side to the sky? (Thread to the camera?)
  3. I've just reprocessed my data as HOS rather than SHO. O on the Blue channel looks good, to my eyes/taste anyway. only 40 mins exposure in this stack. so next time its clear i'm going to try more and longer subs...
  4. Am i right in thinking that if the histogram of my stacked images is about one third from the left then my individaul subs are the right exposure lenght and then to increase quality / reduce noise i just take more subs? if i increase the exposure time on each sub i think id move the histogram peak right and as i understand one third from the left is where i need it to be?
  5. Nice processing! Yes i think the data is ok since its only just over 10 mins per filter. 9@90sec
  6. With all the cloudy weather if anyone fancies a play with the three (small) stacked H S O masters. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am0Xaik4MKPApyrG5zm1VA7tq6xL?e=ft4H8h Post your image..! It will be interesting to see what image you can make of these.
  7. If you have a decent view of the sky...right now is great for M31 Andromeda M33 Trapezium Galaxy M42 Orion Nebula / NGC 1977 Running Man Nebula NGC 2244 Rosette Nebula IC434 Horsehead NGC281 Pacman Nebula Have fun! +1 for Cartes du Ceil. not quite as nice as Stellarium but works better with ASCOM.
  8. Dont bother levelling the tripod. Get everything else set up as before. Get a digital inclinometer. (an app on your phone might do) Stick this on the saddle and adjust to your location (53.3 degrees for me.) https://www.amazon.co.uk/KKmoon-Inclinometer-Electronic-Protractor-Aluminum/dp/B07FFM6FHT/ref=sr_1_6?crid=DLV53M4YU2QP&keywords=digital+level&qid=1578930697&sprefix=digital+level%2Caps%2C179&sr=8-6 Then when you look thru your polar scope your elevation will be bang on. you just need to move side to side to find polaris and then make the final adjustments.
  9. It feels like its been clouds for a month. There was a short break in the clouds yesterday for an hour or two. Not completely clear - but good enough to set up. So this was the result of my first dabble into Narrowband / Mono. Not time for a lot of data. 10x90 Sec for H,S and 0 of which the best 9 from each channel were stacked with DSS. I'm still a novice at Pixinsight. So the 3 stacked channel images got a Channel combine to get an RGB image. The RGB got a dynamiccrop. Then a backgroundneutralisation Then a colorcalibration. Then lum extract and LRGBcombination Then a histogram stretch and at that point my PI knowledge ran out..... I'm quite pleased with this given that its my first go and there was only time for limited data gathering. https://astrob.in/g6kqnu/0 No Lights or Bias in this processing. That's next on my to do list. Feel free to shout up things ive missed / could do better. What would be the next 2 PI processes i ought to try to learn to help improve my picture? Thanks volcanotop
  10. Most of the Canons after and including the 450d are great and work with live view and usb tethering. I used a 450d unmodified and a modified 500d. I personally wouldnt worry about a flip screen. If you tether the camera you wont ever use it. It not just a camera to think about. id suggest backyardEos for the image capture. astro tortilla to plate solve and sync phd2 for guiding and the TS eos oag (nice and thin to fit typical 56mm back focus) so you can guide thru the main scope with you dslr and not mess around with guide scopes. Other folks no doubt will have other suggestions. But this lot works for me. have fun
  11. Ok folks. Ill answer my own question. New filter drawer from zwo. https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/zwo-filter-drawer-m42
  12. Yep i’ve got PHD2 set to Random dither. Tracking / guiding is via an original lodestar and a TS OAG T-ring combo attached to the 500d. i did experiment with a guidescope but that wasnt so good. PHD just seems to nail the guiding with an OAG. For me anyway.
  13. Hi, thats a really nice job too. i can see i need to brush up my processing. i am pleased that my data/camera/tracking etc are good enough for this kind of image.
  14. Wow. that’s nice. MUCH better than my effort. Many thanks Wim. Now i know what i’m aiming for!
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