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  1. Of all the limited amount of eyepiece's I own my favourite is my 40mm Meade super wide angle 4000 series ( old japan series ), it gives lovely crystal clear views on its own, and when paired with my ES 2X focal extender. Some might say it is a bit big for my dob ( 250mm ) I like its views and keep going back to it.
  2. I know you have said that the time and date are correct, but have you tried putting the day and month the other way round. I.E. mm-dd-yyyy instead of dd-mm-yyyy Also have you checked that it is not switching itself 12 hours out, as I have just helped a friend sort his GOTO out which was doing something similar and that was set for AM instead of PM ( would do the alignment correctly, say it was aligned and then go to a totally different place to where the object you wanted to look at was ).
  3. Its a while since I last posted about my dob and have made a few mods to it. First up was a mod to the feet, on use I had noticed that the dob had a habit of moving out of place when turning on azimuth, and I also had no way of levelling the dob base for use with turning circles so I decided to make a set of adjustable tripod feet to make it more steady and easily adjustable to make level. Next up was to make and install a DIY digital turning circle set up for use with Skysafari which I had seen done on another forum. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/589521-37-dobsonian
  4. I managed to get around to making a filter for my dob so was able to get the scope out for the few hours ( or was that moments ) that we had some sun, no photo's of the transit as I forgot to order the adaptor for my camera, doh!.
  5. They are now called Nirvana - ES, this what they look like now. As far as I know only the 16mm, 7mm and 4mm are currently available in this new design ( all 1.25" ).
  6. I would agree about Pembrokeshire as I was staying at my aunts last year who lives in manorbier, the sky was excellent, truly dark sky and no light pollution. I got a brilliant view of the milky way, in fact this was what got me back being interested in astronomy.
  7. Here are my first ever attempts at imaging. These were taken on a 250PDS on dob with a Meade 4000 SWA 40mm lens which I attached a Panasonic GF2. Most of the images are not to bad but toward the end the cloud coverage was starting to cause the images to blur. I also do not have any of the moon at full eclipse as just as it became fully eclipsed a cloud bank rolled across my vision and stayed there for about 45 mins.
  8. I have got the ES 2" 2x focal extender but do not have the TV powermate so cannot compare, but I have found it to be an excellent addition to my collection as it gives nice and sharp images when in use with no apparent lose of light due to more glass and very well built ( but it makes it a little heavy ). I have read that the performance of the ES focal extender is very close to a TV powermate ( the TV is said to be slightly better performing ) but it is a lot cheaper and when I was looking for a barlow / focal extender and wanted one that did not change the eye relief, I could not w
  9. Well had my new 16mm lens out last night, did not get much stargazing in because of bad seeing but I did manage to get some views of the Orion nebula ( very good but hazy due to fine cloud ) and got some wonderful views of the moon ( I need a moon filter badly as I nearly went blind ). With this eyepiece the moon was fantastic, bright and detailed and absolutely no signs of CA or any other distortion ( it was even more detailed with my Tele extender ) and once I had got used to the eye positioning there was no problem with blackouts and I could see very well to the edge of the image.
  10. That is exactly the same thought I had concerning the focal lengths ( and the 18mm was to far away from the 11mm and to close to my 40mm on a focal extender ). I will do a small review when I get some viewing time in on the eyepiece. P.S. This will probably be posted in my thread in the eyepiece section.
  11. It is quite a nice little package at the price it is at, and it is supposed to be sealed and gas purged to stop condensation in this new design but still using the original optics. In fact if this one works out ok I will probably buy the 7mm one as well. The only thing I wish was that one was made with a focal length of around 10 - 11mm, as it stands that length will probably end up being occupied by a Explore Scientific eyepiece.
  12. Well I finally got around to ordering the first of the eyepieces that I wanted, a Nirvana-ES 16mm UWA. Quite nice looking and very light, had look though it on the scope during the day, nice and clear views ( apart from the murky sky and the moment I got concerned that I could not get the eyepiece to focus with the focal extender on it ( forgot to put the 2" spacer back on ?)) and I managed to get 10 minutes viewing in tonight and was quite impressed with what I could see. When I do get to put some serious viewing in with this eyepiece I will try to do a proper review.
  13. The first of my wide angle eyepiece collection.
  14. Well had this out tonight for its first proper use thanks to a neighbour who lent me some short focal length plossel lenses and all I can say is wow, we hit the pleiades then Andromeda then the north American nebula ( which was not to good thanks to poor seeing ) and mars, then the moon which even with some cloud was fantastic.
  15. Hi I was wondering if someone could give a little advice on choosing some eyepieces for my new scope ( 250 PDS on a dob ). At the moment all I have got eyepiece wise is the stock 28mm LET which comes with the scope ( not impressed with ), a Meade 40mm SWA ( japan ) ( gives lovely clear images ) and a explore scientific 2" 2x focal extender, what advice I need is on some shorter focal length eyepieces. I will be using this scope for a mixture of looking at planets and DSO. I have been looking around and a couple of eyepieces have caught my eye, SW Nirvana-ES 16mm and 7mm eyepiece
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