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  1. Morning! I have for sale 3 Celestron items, all new and unused. Prices include UK postage.

    Sky Portal Wi-Fi adaptor to control mount using phone / tablet £59.00 SOLD

    Cable Aux port splitter £12.00

    Sky Sync GPS plug in unit £70.00


    Get both of the above remaining items for £60 posted !!!!!


    All new and fully working.

    Cheers. David




  2. Hi all. I recently bought myself a Ioptron CEM 60 mount so my other one is for sale. It's a Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT Pro GEQ & Alt-Az.

    Now this mount us totally unused. I unpacked it (no longer have boxes) and that's it! It's complete with everything it came with. Completely unmarked and ready to go.

    I just have a library picture at the moment but will take pics of the actual item once I get home.

    Collection only and I live in West Cumbria. We may be able to work out some half  way type trip!

    Absolute bargain at £875 Only bought this year. I also have other accessories to go too which could be negotiated. Ask for details!!




  3. Hi all maybe you would cast your eyes over this for me.

    I recently bought a Takahashi Epsilon from a user on here and am messing about putting spacer sets together so I can mount my ZWOasi 071 colour camera to the scope.

    The length spacer I need for starters is 38.5mm and I have here the correct length with a thread one end M54 to suit the corrector lens and a male thread the other to fit into the camera. (the camera back focus amount has been taken into account)

    Now, the bore of the spacer is about 40mm all the way through. So should this be OK? I suppose any fitting that fits into the camera will have this bore, but just asking you experienced guys your opinion.

    Its made up of  - the 21mm adaptor which came with the camera, an 8.5 Baader spacer, and a spacer which came with the Tak.

    Cheers all !!


  4. Offered here for sale in excellent condition are these two 82 Degree eyepieces. I bought them off here a little while ago but have since built up a set of TV so these need to go.

    Both are boxed with both end caps. The 11mm has 1 1/4 barrel and the 18mm is 2 inch.

    Postage contribution of £2.00 please per EP. Just to help cover costs.

    NOW SOLD 11mm is £80 NOW SOLD

    18mm is £80 and still for sale.

    Thanks for looking!






  5. 7 minutes ago, barkis said:

    Is it the black part you need machined down.  I could do that for you, I have a lathe at home, or you can do it yourself if you wish. 

    When you mentioned a spacer, I thought you meant a thin ring of metal requiring only a small amount of material. . Ron.

    It's the shiny aluminium part which needs some off it. It would be great to use the lathe, it's been a while since I did some turning! It's actually what I did as an apprentice many years ago!! Do you have a clock to true it up? 😄

  6. I'm after making a camera adaptor. I bought a second hand Tak Epsilon 180 off here and want to fit my camera to it. An Atik. Both the silver and black parts have the same thread which fit the camera and the scope corrector. It's about 7.5mm too long. They slide together nicely as you see. I thought if I made it just the correct length, and tested it I could maybe secure it together with grub screws or even bond it permanently.

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