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  1. 8 hours ago, Stu Wilson said:

    I got 2 hours of 12 minute subs on this tonight and I think through all the light pollution in Carlisle its come out pretty good.

    Guiding was really good again.

    1 strange thing though, after Meridian flip when I was finished for tonight on this subject I switched to M42 to grab a few shots before packing up and I could not for the life of me get the thing to guide. even restarting PHD2 and recalibrating it was hopeless, checked pole alignment too when I was taking kit down and it was still pretty much on the ball so im not sure unless being very close to the Meridian causes such mayhem?


    ok so its 10 x 720 second subs, lights, flats darks etc

    Stacked in DSS Processed in Photoshop.

    Id still like a lot more data but im happy that ive started seeing the results ive been longing for.

    Comments very welcome.




    Stunning image mate!!

  2. 7 hours ago, PeterCPC said:

    Once you have aligned the scope the mount will track. You can move the scope using the handset and the scope will still track. You select objects from the list in the handset and press enter and it will slew to the object but you might need to make adjustments if the alignment is not spot on.


    Thanks Peter!

  3. Can I ask you all? For some time I've had my scopes and AVX mount. So far I've only done visual observing using the direction buttons on the handset.

    The time has come to set it up properly and I also have a StarSense to experiment with.

    So, once it's all set up and calibrated to the night sky, does that mean it will track? For example if I move it to the moon will it continue to track it? I wondered if I had to select the moon from the handset list or slew to it using the buttons and it would track using both these methods?

    Also if I was tracking the moon or a planet, can I move to another part of the surface using the buttons and it continues to track?

    Cheers. David

  4. On 23/10/2018 at 16:47, avtaram said:

    The latest incarnation of my 1.25" eyepiece case. Panoptic 24, Delos 14, 10, 6, Morpheus 17.5, 4.5


    My minimalist set comprises 24 Pan, 18.2, 7 Delites and a 2x ES Barlow giving me 24, 18.2, 12, 9, 7, 3.5


    What do you think of the Morpheus EP's please? I have 2 Hyperions but may add the higher spec shortly. David

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  5. On 15/12/2018 at 14:03, JBracegirdle said:

    Hi David,

    I'm new to astronomy in West Cumbria as well - I'm in Whitehaven. I have only been stargazing for a month. I have a Sky-watcher StarTravel 102 on an AZ GTe Wifi mount (EQ mode) and an Orion StarMax 90, so much more modest scopes than yours. My light pollution is probably much worse than Greysouthen especially as I'm in the down centre and a LED street-light shines almost directly on my scope. But I'm happy with the photos my ASI224MC has managed in the short time I've had it.

    Looking good that! Ill follow your posts!

    Come over one night !


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  6. I had the same problem with the smooth chrome plated legs on my tripod. My solution was to wrap something around the leg of the tripod in the place where the battery will be strapped. I got two strips of adhesive velcro from a craft shop and stuck them around the leg about 3 inches apart like bands. Then two more small strips on the ribs which are part of the battery casing. OK the battery won't stay put with the velcro alone but once the strap is fixed on it holds it well.


  7. 8 hours ago, rwilkey said:

    Hi David, the trouble with an EQ mount is that when you want to face south you need to do what we call here a 'meridian flip' ie. you have to turn the scope right over to face the opposite direction, which means the finder and the eyepiece are then underneath the scope and not facing upwards, you then have to twist the barrel (OTA) of the scope so that these items are moved into the right place.  This is one of the reasons why I gave up on EQ mounts and now use AZ only, too much of a faff for me, but if you are doing AP then an EQ is the best. 

    You could well have something there! Last time I was into astronomy I had a decent Orion reflector on a Alt Az mount and I did tracking using the adjustment knobs. I suppose it makes quick set up and an hours casual observing easier.

    Oh dear. I may have added something to my shopping list. Haha


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  8. Hello all. I was thinking about buying a dovetail bar and screwing it on top of the tube rings shown in picture below. This can be used to mount a guide scope when I am ready for some imaging in the future. Do you think that same location would be too high for a finder scope? I am using the finder scope socket on the scope for a StarSense.

    What do you think ? Cheers



  9. Hi all. I just bought one of those Celestron StarSense alignment gadgets in the hope I can get it working ok.

    I use a AVX mount for both my SCT 8" Edge HD and a Skywatcher 100 mm refractor. Changing as the mood takes me!

    It may be a daft question but should this accessory work with both scopes? I imagine  if it does it would have to be calibrated each time it's swapped over.

    Thanks! David

  10. Hi folks. Just making note here of one of the first things I noticed, since getting back into astronomy and using an EQ mount....

    15 years ago I just used an Alt Az mount and tracked objects with the movement wheels for observation. It was an ideal way for basic observing and no photography.

    However now I have a scope with a Celestron AVX mount the first thing I noticed when setting up is that all the best items in the night sky I want to look at are behind me!!


    Seriously though it was odd to get used to.  I'm going to find my feet then start have a go at photography. Starting off with the moon which I assume could be a decent starting point.

    Enjoying my time on the forum so far thanks all.

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  11. 21 minutes ago, Stu Wilson said:

    My neighbours lights ain't that bad it's the surrounding street lamps with they're glow.

    Where in Carlisle do you work?

    Tonight supppsed to be pretty clear after 730 onwards so my camera will be out. ?

    Hi mate. I work at Direct Rail Services at Etterby

  12. 3 hours ago, barkis said:

    A warm welcome back to SGL David.  You'll know from your past tenure here what a fine group
    we have here. This is the most rock steady and friendly forum you will find anywhere.
    West Cumbria,  so Workington, Whitehaven, or The Lake District perhaps?

    I'm in Carlisle, and the sun is actually shining today, so there's a surprise ?.
    Hope you get some kit sorted out soon. First Light Optics have a great crew, and they
    cater for all Astro. requirements, you'll not get better service than they provide.
    Best Wishes.

    Hi Ron! Thanks. I live in Greysouthen which is in between Cockermouth and Workington.  so quite dark. I work in Carlisle as a train driver! FLO have been great and lots of parcels arrived!! Might be out tonight!! David

  13. 1 hour ago, Demonperformer said:

    Hi, David, and welcome to SGL.

    When you are ready to take the leap, do yourself a favour and get a copy of this book. It will save you time, money and heartach in the long run.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Thanks for the message! The guys at FLO advised on that book and I ordered it. Cheers for mentioning it !


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