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  1. 1 hour ago, Cornelius Varley said:

    Equatorial goto mounts tend to assume the home position is counterweight bar pointing straight down and the telescope pointing at the NCP. Even if you fit a side by side bar the telescope will still be pointing at the NCP, so it won't b a problem.

    Thanks. This is the item I am considering. See pic. So I can still have counterweight pointing downward, but the other axis will have to be set at 90 degrees to start off?


  2. Hi all. I have an AVX and a Az Alt mount, and wonder about the home position.

    If I want to fit some ADM side by side bars obviously the start position would mean that on the AVX the two index lines are 90 degrees apart.

    Will the handset and software recognise this as the home position as long as the clutches are locked?

    Cheers. David

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