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  1. 20 minutes ago, ollypenrice said:

    OK, this isn't a chip distance so I very much doubt that it will be all that critical. SCTs can cope with a considerable range of backfocus but are optimal at a certain distance. I'd be amazed if this were critical but I'd ask those imaging with the scope. If you don't get a reply I'd just suck it and see. I'd certainly do that in your shoes.


    Thanks Olly much appreciated!! I think it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking it has to be within 0.001 or something!!

    I'll give it a try +- 2 mm or so!

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  2. 1 hour ago, ollypenrice said:

    I don't think you're talking about focal length here unless there's a typo. You're unreduced scope has an FL of 2000mm becoming 1400mm with the 0.7mm reducer. Where does this figure of 133mm come from? Without the reducer you just focus and shoot.  With the reducer you need to respect the 'chip distance' between reducer and chip. Maybe this is your 133mm? If so you'll need to add about 1mm for filter effects but with smaller chips very high precision isn't usually needed. But first let's clarify the 133mm.


    Thanks mate yes I didn't word it very well it's the camera to Scope back focus measurements. It's supposed to be 133 mm from the scope back thread to the camera sensor. I've been able to make up adaptors like the ones shown here but just wondered how critical the size is. Maybe it's just a guide and possibly extra shims etc are needed? If so I'll try to put a Baader adjustable Vari adaptor in the chain for future adjustments?


  3. Hi folks. I'm setting up my ZWO 1600 with my Edge HD and filter wheel.

    The length required is 133mm.

    The question I have is how critical is the 133? With included spacers I can make 132 haha. Or is there a better way to go, plus or minus the figure.  Or could it be a case that once set at 133 it may need adjustment anyway?

    New to this so all advice welcome+

    Cheers. David

  4. I tried a few different cases over the last 12 months but did in the end settle on using a company called AnyFoam for the inserts. You just send measurements and it costs about 3 to 4 quid a sheet. Easy then to cut with a Stanley blade.

    Some nice plastic cases off Amazon which should be ok outside during observing.

    Still need to cut out for the 17 Ethos once it comes in from FLO. And I know there are overlaps etc - I use them on different scopes!

    The last picture still needs doing - it's my In Progress box !!






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  5. Now SOLD

    For sale is the Baader 8 to 25 zoom EP.

    Unused still with all packaging, carry case

    , caps etc.

    Only selling because I've bought a range of Tv items and no longer fits into the collection.

    It has the 2 inch and 1 1/4 nosepieces.

    Price is £100 posted in UK only and I take PayPal as long as fees paid / F&F or transfer.

    Thanks for looking! Totally unused item!!




  6. Hi all. Today I received from FLO my C11 OTA and I'm keen to improve the finder mounting.

    On my 8 inch Edge HD I bought a universal Baader finder bracket but obviously the diameter of this scope is larger. I'm not keen on the Celestron holder with it's rubber O ring.

    Anyone used anything different on their scopes please? I suppose I could get one of those ADM dovetail bar kits and mount it on that?

    Cheers. David

  7. Hi all. I've heard on here there's no such thing as a daft question so go easy!!! Lol

    So if you take 2 ep's, both 10mm.

    One is 68 degree and the other 100 degree FOV.

    So looking at a Planet or Nebula for example, does the object look the same size but see more of it with the 100?



  8. Hi all, today I ordered the CEM60-EC mount from the fine people at FLO.

    I already have the mini pier all ready for it to go on. Also ordered a set of counterweights and extension bar.

    Full report and pictures to come once I have it delivered!!


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  9. Hi all. I plan to try out the ASIair on my AVX or Skywatcher mount with Esprit 100 scope. In time it will hopefully be to do some imaging. But before that can the unit be used with a tablet / Sky Safari as a goto tool?

    I imagine the scope would need to be at least roughly polar aligned first.

    So can I use the Wi-Fi from the tablet to ASIair to slew to targets selected on the app?

    I thought it would be a good introduction before I add my imaging and guide cameras.

    Thanks. David

  10. 1 hour ago, Cornelius Varley said:

    Equatorial goto mounts tend to assume the home position is counterweight bar pointing straight down and the telescope pointing at the NCP. Even if you fit a side by side bar the telescope will still be pointing at the NCP, so it won't b a problem.

    Thanks. This is the item I am considering. See pic. So I can still have counterweight pointing downward, but the other axis will have to be set at 90 degrees to start off?


  11. Hi all. I have an AVX and a Az Alt mount, and wonder about the home position.

    If I want to fit some ADM side by side bars obviously the start position would mean that on the AVX the two index lines are 90 degrees apart.

    Will the handset and software recognise this as the home position as long as the clutches are locked?

    Cheers. David

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