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  1. 15 hours ago, M4tt said:

    Hello there,

    I'm almost a complete newbie after recently getting interested in astronomy, and am currently reading a couple of books, making sure it's not something I'll loose interest in, before pulling the trigger on a telescope. Just wanted to say hi and I'm happy to be joining what seems a great community.


    Here being a great community is nt an understatement... You just joined the best community. Welcome and have fun

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  2. On 19/03/2019 at 09:38, wojkor said:

    Hello everybody

    My name is Wojtek and I am living in Gdansk. I'm observing the sky thru few binoculars and SkyWatcher 100ED.

    Clear Skies for all

    Welcome wojtek from Gdansk, hav fun and enjoy your stay here as I have... You have the greatest and most willing people to help you achieve your aim here

  3. 1 hour ago, John said:

    I agree with this. I could see Saturns rings quite clearly when I used to use a 60mm refractor which was about as powerful as your 76mm newtonian. Saturn will look small in the eyepiece but you should be able to see it's rings unmistakably. It should look a bit like this:



    If I can see Saturn this way I think I will call that a big success... I look forward to achieving something as clear as this

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  4. So many people with same hubby and same issues... Am beginning to think there is a connection with peering through a telescope and cataracts... 🤣

    I am also four eyed too ( as people who use glasses are refared to in Nigeria), astigmatism, bt I can stil use my telescope with out my glasses.

    Am happy for you guys that had happy ending, I wish you better health all round

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  5. 21 minutes ago, Binzauk said:

    Not quite at 5:46 this morning (taken at 07:25 to be exact), but I think my photo of Venus and Jupiter paints the picture of your poem quite well. 

    I guess the reason for the our different observation time is because am in Oyo state, Nigeria.

    Nigeria is about one hour ahead of England in the time zone hence Venus would be observed in the sky about one hour earlier before people in England  would see her, this is why I saw Venus and Jupiter about one hour earlier before you did...

    Yes, the photo did paint a clear picture of my poem. Maybe I will do as you did and take a picture of Venus and Jupiter tomorrow morning as they pass by.

    I think one good thing to be in Nigeria with out constant power outage is it gives us a dark background for a clearer observation.

  6. Venus and Jupiter
    Trailing each other
    Like a star and a half
    As I watch the east-west sky.

    Like sister and brother
    Holding hands one in the other
    Trying to find their path
    Through the ecliptic plane.

    One is brighter
    Compared to the other
    As they sail through
    The 5:46 morning sky.

    A beautiful sight to gaze at
    Yet a contrast
    To see Venus brighter
    And Jupiter dimmer

    Cos my mind flashed the reminder
    That Venus a smaller
    Compared to Jupiter
    That is much more bigger.

    I seem to have a reason
    much cooler and brighter
    To wake up every morning
    Since I got my Newtonian.

    Am glad I found also
    A home of willing teachers
    A lounge of enthusiasts
    To lead me in my star trek
    As Venus lead Jupiter
    In today's 5:46 morning sky.

    Thank you SGLers
    You have been my brightest stars.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Demonperformer said:

    Yes, the second one does it for me as well.

    I am only just beginning to get to grips with my Star71, but I am really impressed with the results it gives. I almost balked at the price for a "small refractor", but I'm glad I didn't, they are such nice scopes.

    Wish I could get 60 minutes of imaging time ...

    Can my F70076 refractor see Orion like he did?

    Goodmorning sir

  8. 7 hours ago, geordie85 said:

    Last night was a surprise clear night for for me as it wasn't forecast so i very quickly threw together a dual rig from bits and dovetails i had lying around. Both images are very far from perfect due to short integration time, almost full moon and a street light around 40 ft away and a few degrees under Orion.

    1st is an hour of 30 second subs from my Canon 6D and FLT 98. I'm rather happy with my stars since this is a full frame camera used with a hotech field flattener.

    2nd image is just over an hour in 60 second subs, software binned 2X2, with my QHY183C and WO Star 71.

    m42 6d flt98.jpg

    binned m42.jpg

    Hi... Goodmorning.. These are beautiful... I wish I can see these too via my telescope.

    I have an F70076 refractor with a 20mm, 12.5mm, 4mm eyepiece, and 2X Barlow.

    Can I catch Orion as you have with my F70076 refractor?

  9. 6 hours ago, Paul M said:

    That's a nice follow up on your recent Moon poem. :)

    I think it's a wonderful way to record your observations and thoughts. Equally valid as sketching or imaging. You have a talent for it.

    Thanks Paul, am glad u like it.

    I really wish I can take photographs of what I see but iv been unable to. Maybe I need some kind of device.

  10. 7 hours ago, Littleguy80 said:

    Really lovely poem!

    Venus really does make for some great viewing at the moment. I caught it in the binoculars along with Mercury and Jupiter this morning. 

    Thank littleguy80.

    I still havent viewed mercury nor jupiter as the are closer to the sun at the moment, I haven't perfected my skill with the telescope so am being careful so I won't do damage to myself 😊

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  11. Hi.. Welcom to SGL,

    Folks here are the best I must say...

    They were patient with me and put me through when I started, today am proud to say I have viewed the moon many times and also Venus...

    Trust what ever advice you get cos its the possible best.

  12. Like a beacon in the morning sky
    Venus she shines big and bright...

    Like a lone entourage
    Guarding the sun
    Across the waking firmament,

    As he gently glow of orange and yellow
    Rises from his skyline den,

    I see through the haze
    Of this Christmas morn
    At the hour that say half past six,

    As Venus seems to plot out the path
    For the sun's journey from the east to the west

    To our confined eyes
    Venus she is,
    Like a big bright star...
    A diamond in the sky,

    Twinkling in the dawning of a day
    Standing apart in the eastern sky,

    But with the telescope I clearly can see
    Venus she is
    Like a small half moon,

    she's silver,
    She's grey,
    She's beautiful...

    Forever drifting like a promise kept,

    In her retrograde orbit,
    A rebel she is
    Amongst the other celestials a peculiar one,

    She is truly a goddess
    In the vastness of space
    I cannot tell whom I love the most,

    The moon
    Or Venus,
    In the calmness of the morning sky.

    I love them both
    They are silver
    They are grey.

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  13. On 29/08/2018 at 21:07, MarsG76 said:

    Honestly Venus looked better in the eyepiece than how the image came out.

    Clear Skies. 

    I have seen Venus this morning too across the southeast skies over Nigeria. I think I can proudly say that am among the very few (really really very few) Nigerians that have seen Venus through a telescope. Its a cool sight

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  14. On 03/12/2018 at 12:25, maw lod qan said:

    My first photo of the crescent Venus. I'm happy with it. 

    The bright star I saw this morning at 6:30 across the south east skies looked exactly like this in your photo when I viewed it through my F70076 refractor telescope... I think iv seen Venus too.

  15. 22 minutes ago, Alan64 said:

    Smaller telescopes, like several of my own, are well suited for double-star observations.  There are quite a few amateurs who observe only double-stars.  When seen with just the eye, such stars appear as one star, but then you increase the power and split them in two.  Often, the two are of different colours; Alberio, for example...


    That's probably the easiest one of all to split.

    Where is this one located?

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