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  1. I have a Baader 2 inch click lock that I used with a C8. Happy with £20 incl postage. Tim
  2. I'm happy with £40 incl postage. If that is Ok with you let me know your address and I'll get it sent off. You can pay me using PayPal or I'll send you my BACs details. Tim
  3. Bit late but if you still need this I have a V3 handset available. Just checked it is still working OK although always found keys need pressing really firmly. Tim
  4. Thanks for replies to my previous post (M42/Running Man), really pleased with the ZWO 1600 as it does allow me to a get a decent result from limited imaging time. Even with narrowband I find 120 sec subs are OK using Unity Gain and -20C temperature. Horsehead imaged on 3rd Dec with 20x10sec subs of LRGB using TS65Quad. Crescent imaged in October with 120 sec subs 20xH and 20xO using a TSRC8. Tim
  5. Imaged this 3rd Dec (very damp night) using TS65Quad, ZWO 1600MM on GPDX mount. 20 x 10 seconds each of LRGB, no darks or flats and minimal processing in Astroart. SkySensor2000PC is still working after 20 years, thought the battery would have died by now. Tim
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