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  1. James, thanks for clearing up my confusion. I'm planning on getting the 3.0 version so there shouldn't be any issues! And if there is, I'll be coming right back to this forum haha.
  2. James, I just read through this other thread: Maybe I'm making a mistake, but it seems like some users are having troubles with the 3.0 version. However, one user said that the ZWO software should work just fine with it. Let me know if I'm missing something.
  3. Also looking to build an allsky camera with the ASI120mm. It looks like they only make the 3.0 version now, but what is the biggest drawback to it? Why would they make it 3.0 when so many people are having problems connecting to the imaging software? Just trying to wrap my head around the differences because I want to make sure it will work for my setup.
  4. Also, I've been doing research on the ASI120mm and it looks like the 3.0USB version is in stock. However, some people are saying that the software only works with the 2.0 version... If I get the 3.0 version will I not be able to image with it and take timelapses? Let me know if anyone can help me with this difference because from what I know (I'm a newbie) is that the 3.0USB offers much higher transfer speeds in comparison to the 2.0..
  5. How have your results been with these two lenses? I looked them both up, is it true that the Fujinon sells for around $450? Might try out the Arecont lens first since it's a little cheaper.
  6. There's an article that I came across by Martin Lewis, he built his own allsky camera with the ZWO ASI 120mm. He tested and reviewed the Rainbow L163VCS f1.4 zoom, Arecont 1.55mm f2, and the Fujinon FE185C086HA 2.7mm f1.8. So I'm looking at either of those 3. Here's the link to his setup and tests: http://skyinspector.co.uk/allsky-camera-ii
  7. I think they still come with the 150 degree fisheye lens.
  8. And tooth_dr, mainly it's just cost, as the ASI 120MM is a little cheaper. Do you use a fisheye lens with your Watec902H2? Does the UFOcapture software work with the ASI120mm?
  9. Dr Ju Ju, do you know of any good fisheye lenses that would work with the ASI 120MM? Just checked out the first link and I'm probably going to buy that one. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, I’m looking to try building my own allsky camera with the ZWO ASI 120MM. I’m most interested in getting clear images of meteors, so I won’t be needing color. However, I’ve noticed that they’ve discontinued the ZWO ASI 120mm camera... Also, I want to hear what you guys think would be a good fisheye lens for me, as I want to get nice clear images of meteors.
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