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  1. Hi Vlaiv, I will go for the: Skywatcher Evostar ED100 F/9 doublet: seen at this link: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-evostar-100ed-ds-pro-outfit.html But I will need x0.85 matching reducer - for astro photography use just in case for now I will also get the mount: SW AZ4 and as you said it is manual mount. Any more thing that I need to add to this issue?. Julio
  2. Okay I have gone through all the advice hereon the forum and I have visited the links given too. I am very happy with the information that I was given therefore, I decided to buy one of those mentioned here. But because I have never used on before, I have to trust on all of you who give me the advice. Finally my question is which one should I go for, and how can I buy it? Obs: I would like to keep a record of the observations done if possible with this telescope. I am now ready to buy, just need the instructions and I will follow through. Julio
  3. Okay, I have gone through all the links that was provided and I am now reflecting on the various options here. I would be more then happy if I could as Vlaiv said, and I cote: (but you will not need x0.85 matching reducer - that is for astro photography mostly), yes but if I can photograph the images up there would be very good. I am on my third year of Bsc (Honours Natural Science and my root is Astronomy, Interplanetary and search for life out there. This is why I want to acquire a perfect telescope if I may.
  4. Rwilkey, do you mean the: Bresser Messir Ar-102L / 1000 Refractor OTA The price shows there is £222 only!
  5. Hi Vlaiv, if necessary I still can add up another £500 on top to make it £1000 as long as I can really see something there should be no problems at all.
  6. No, I don't have a balcony, my plans are to carry the telescope to places were by would be suitable to use it. From my place I only can observe the moon when it appear about 45 degrees angle from my position.
  7. Hi Geoff and Joc, my budget is about £500 to spend, the position where I am is not good at all because, is in middle of residency in a first floor, with binoculars there is no problem but with telescope I will have problems.
  8. Hello everyone, I have just join the stargazers-lounge and I am not familiar with the topics yet. But to start I would like some recommendation about what telescope can I buy as I am now ready to get one. I would like to look at the moon as close as it can be seen, I have purchase since last year one pair of binoculars: "Helios, Nature-sport, 10 x 50 Wide Angle binoculars, black ruber" and been seeing the moon and constellations, every two weeks. Julio
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