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  1. Hi Pete, Thanks for you're warm welcome, everyone has been nice here and very good for advice. Looking forward to getting a clear night, so far been cloudy up here. Matt.
  2. Thanks for your advice mate, I ended up going for the eq3 , turns out after a bit of digging the exos 2 had a few problems , seller advised me the goto wasn't spot on and he had a slewing problem hence so cheap, I viewed images taken with the cg4 and to be honest they were very nice indeed. And the the synscan was updated to the latest software ect. I don't mind putting in the effort to get the best I can out of the mount I love a challenge and nothing comes easy at the end of the day, it's all about trial and error. And it was a good price for my first proper mount.
  3. Thanks for your replies Ive got a wo megrez 90 scope and an opticstar 8x50 alignment scope attached to it along with my camera ect probably weigh around 4 kilos approximately. I've got the chance of either the exos 2 goto mount or a celestron cg4 eq3-2 hybrid mount which someone has modified and attached synscan eq3 goto to it for the same price so I'm a bit unsure as to which one to go for.
  4. Well that's exactly what I'm trying to achieve at the moment mate, I purchased an old Meade lxd55 used, and it was seized when I bought it, cleaned and polished the internals gave it an overhaul , to discover the motors were cuffed so I moved that on and I'm now looking for something not too expensive but not absolutely rubbish . I seen the bresser which seems to be the same as the explore scientific exos 2 , both have mixed reviews online but just wanted to know if anyone had any real hands on use .
  5. I had an etx70 on an alt az mount for a few years which I done some occasional viewing with but now looking to start imaging as photography is another expensive hobby I have , I have a decent scope, just looking for a decent mount to put it on suitable for imaging.
  6. Hi Mate, I'll be using it for imaging deep sky objects.
  7. Hi Guys I've had the a chance of buying a bresser exos2 GT mount with an ar102/1000 refractor telescope. I won't be using the scope this will be getting sold on if I buy it. But what I'd like to know what is everyone's general views on this mount , is it any good, is the tracking okay? If anyone has had any real experience with this mount what's your views on it? Any advice would be appreciated as usual
  8. Looking for a goto German equatorial mount , will pay around 300 mark, I'll need it posted guys if way out my area, I'm in Edinburgh I'll collect within a 70 mile radius . If you have let me know as my old mount is doing my head in after several strip downs. Thanks guys.
  9. Hi Guys, I finally have my first setup, all is good apart from one thing, when I'm balancing my scope using the counterweights the Ra shaft seems stiff even when I loosen the screw, to balance this should realistically be free moving and relatively easy to balance shouldn't it? does anyone know how to strip this part down and clean and re grease? Thanks in advance. Matt
  10. Thanks Dave found it ,it was in telescope and chose lxd55. Matt
  11. Thanks kev , probably worthwhile doing it, I'll wait until after the festivities are over and give it a bash. Matt
  12. Thanks Dave , I can't find it anywhere in the menus , I don't see anything in utilities ect. Matt
  13. Thanks kev I'll have a look at weasners, I was thinking on stripping the mount and doing the same you have done as it's probably needing it ,and I don't mind getting into stripping stuff down. Matt
  14. Hi there Thanks for the advice I've just noticed the output was 5v 5a which maybe explains it, I'll need to get a cable to plug into the 12v power port rather than usb on my power pack , I have noticed the 497 controller seems to think it is an altz mount and not equatorial, does the handset require an upgrade of some sort or should it automatically recognise it? Sorry but I'm new to all this. Matt.
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