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  1. Fabulous view in my bird watching 10x25s atm and super easy to locate, pleiades at one edge and the comet on the other. Just about seeing it with naked eye aversion, very subtle though.
  2. I suspect its time and money related Andrew. I have done some publication (not science related), and my mistakes were always due to tight deadlines. The proof reader rarely knew what the subject matter was about and just looked for spelling and grammatical errors before firing the mag' off to press. If the content is of written importance however, then i think the game changes slightly (as the editors should then be obliged to get the content right). The proof reader should thus be clued up on the subject matter. Its amazing how easy it is to miss errors though. I consider myself pretty vigilant and slightly OCD when working on content, yet it still amazes me how many mistakes appear in the final printed mag'. Don't even get me started on predictive text algorithms and spell checkers.
  3. Gravitationally they collide, but not physically. So the star speeds are defined by gravitational concentration ? Quoting summarised info from Einstein regarding Ether and Relativity: Fields of a scalar potential?
  4. i guess so. Somethings bugging me about the way in which a galaxys rotation drags at the outer reaches.
  5. Article I kind of like the idea that we're in a rich soup and not surrounded by empty voids of space. With even the darkest receses rich in elements and particles. Maybe, just like we require air to receive sound... we also require 'some substance' to receive light.
  6. Appologies Rodd, i thought it was a bit obvious Fascinating subject, especially when you think in depth at what 'NOW' actually means. Do you refer to Frame like a step of events rodd? a snapshot of a sequence? This i find interesting, as frame gives us a universe with a direction. We could also think of 'NOW' as being a 'State', rather than as a Frame of time. Coming from a computer programming perspective here. If time was a State instead of a sequence, it has no inertia until the next given event triggers the new 'NOW' as it were. If we have a State of time and not a single event occured in the universe (no measurements can be observed), therefore time would stop !? Or, what if time is just a by product of our own self awareness. Is a Cow aware of time ? Just some thoughts.
  7. This is only subject to the fact we set our lives based around the daylit side of the planet. There is no reason why Australia cant have the same value on their clock , its just the system we have in place to suite our biological and productiveness requirements as a species. The problem is the speed of communication between two points at distance, which comes back to speed of information and observable events. I think times equations may fall into place if/when particle duality is solved, as they have a number of technical similarities.
  8. apparently so, speculation is rife at times.
  9. Could lunar waves turn out to be visible evidence of gravitation waves? youtube vid Ive seen similar myself though just put it down to atmospheric distortions from aircraft, but looking again at these such videos show a clean line and travel at consistent speed, i don't see how it could be in the atmosphere. Anyone here seen anything like this with their own eyes while observing? would love to know.
  10. Agreed, especially with gravitational lensing, the shear weight of forces out there must be deflecting and giving us false images of some objects. Possibly bending things to a completely different shape or flipping the objects view inside out before it reaches us. We may find in time that the universal positions we give to some DSOs are 'way out' also due to this phenomena, just a thought.
  11. humblepigeon


    Thanks for the warm welcomes, I'd love a new setup again Greymouser, finances not permitting it atm. Just enjoy what others are achieving now (at any level), its so important to recognise what people are capable of with the kit they have. I look back at some of my photos and wonder how I got some of the pictures i did. Good memories sitting at 3am with crispy fingers manually trying to guide the scope with a piggybacked cam and zoom lens while the dog was going bananas around the garden because of the neighbours cat. Needless to say, that photo didnt exactly have pinpoint stars on it. indeed, something about scanning the milkyway from time to time with binos which keeps the bug alive !
  12. Im not sure, but can we really be sure they weren't coffee granules on the lens
  13. did a really quick cleanup on that first insight photo, was curious to see past the dirt. Also did some minor lens correction to reduce the extreme distortion. Better than the original if anyones curious to see the site a little more clearly:
  14. humblepigeon


    hey all, Fascinated by everything. I owned a few telescopes in the past but don't own one currently. Nothing stops me from looking upwards still though, and occasionally grab the Bino's to ponder or track whatevers wizzing about above me ! Look forward to reading/posting. humblepigeon
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