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  1. Thanks again, i may have encountered a schoolboy error and enter lat/long baxk to front, which means the scope thought it was in the north of brazil! Of course the weathers been rubbish since, so have no idea if im correct or not!
  2. Mirach is high in the sky at the minute, what would be a good second star for alignment?
  3. Thanks folks, all settings are correct, which makes me even more frustrated! I tried solar system align this morning, successfully on venus, and heard the motors tracking, however within 10mins, venus had moved considerably and the scope only slightly. Ive adjusted the backlash to 10 and always finish up and right. Ill keep on practicing, hopefully it'll come good for me!
  4. I’ve had my 8se for a few weeks and opportunities have been limited however I have been impressed with the views I’ve had when manually going to objects however I’m getting totally frustrated with the alignment process, I’ve never had a successful alignment and I’ve tried every option! Most frustrating is that the well know stars aren’t listed as options, Capella, Sirius, Polaris etc. My skies are quite polluted so I can only easily get the main bright ones, none of which are listed as options! I’ve checked gps, time etc etc and fail every time! Except tonight I opted for solar system align
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