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  1. I use a leisure battery and one of the charger conditioners and my battery is 85 AH, so Im never without juice. I can power everything including dew heaters and laptops with no problems.
  2. I know folk who use pocket warmer pouches taped to the telescope.
  3. does anyone know why Im getting this? Ive uninstalled reinstalled and still having this problem. Its driving me nuts...
  4. This hobby is so frustrating. By the time I was setup last night it was 12 midnight before I was imaging due to PHD issues. Ive tried everything from fresh install to literally not using it at all. Run a diagnostics and its come back with 17 issues. Can anyone tell me whats going on? ASCOM.Diagnostics.0845.070010.txt
  5. I have the ASI294MC Pro, you can select how much you want to go below ambient.
  6. I have a TEC camera and thought of doing the same. But dosent the temp have to match the light frames? How much can they differ?
  7. Does anyone here start off doing there dark frames whilst sorting out there guiding?
  8. If I can tap into your knowledge pool please. I have an Esprit 100ED. Im trying to connect a 2 inch filter between the camera spacers and field flattner. Now the spacers off my ASI294 I can screw onto the end of the flattner but connecting the filter to the field flattner seems a smidge too small. I didnt want to go down the route of a filter draw. Is there any other way of doing this?
  9. Can anyone remember the last clear sky? I purchased an Esprit 100 weeks ago and not had a clear sky since.
  10. I'm at the end of my teather with my Nightshift app. It's rarely correct. What do you all use on Android?
  11. I'm having to travel to dark sky sites so I will be breaking it down each outing. Has anyone figured how to pack this away without taking off the tube rings?
  12. I just didn't have confidence in it with the issues I had. Like I said I should have gone new from the start. It isn't like it was a cheap scope, cheap enough to run with the niggles. Finding out these had collimation problems didn't help and SW pulling launch. BTW did you ever have the collimation modded in any way so the scope held it?
  13. Yes, when spending your hard earned you want it right. I was having too many trips to his unit and feeling like I was an inconvenience. Best all round I think, I should have gone new at the start.
  14. I've returned the scope after a few issues that didn't inspire my confidence. Just waiting for the refund to land. Purchased the Esprit 100ED and waiting for a clear sky.
  15. Hi Henry, I asked to see if there may be a simple solution here as to not trouble the vendor. But concerning the focuser, I've tried adjusting the brake and tension screws with no joy. from 50mm-52mm there is a noticeable drop on the tube and at least a 5mm shift on the laser at the front end. I have spoken with the vendor who has been very helpful suggesting to take it in for a service so hopefully, that will sort out the issue. It looks a fantastic scope with huge potential.
  16. I appreciate any help along the way. I can clearly see the laser point drop a good 5mm which I would have thought will lead to imaging issues, especially with five glass elements. I will speak with the guy I have purchased this from this morning and see where that goes. Pending the outcome, I may need your help, and thanks.
  17. These were produced back in 2012 and discontinued due to the expense and reliability issues of collimation. It has five glass elements that do not need a reducer/flattener that supposed to be a TAK slayer, so I've been told. I have yet to use this so I will reserve judgment. But the research I've done led to try and see if I had any collimation issues which has led to the discovery of the focuser. And as I have said, for a second-hand scope it isn't cheap.
  18. Hi All, I have really got into imaging and recently on a whim found myself part exchanging my old ED80 for a Skywatcher Esprit ED100 quintuplet. I was guided towards this scope after a discussion with the guy who sells second-hand kit in my area. Anyway, after getting the scope home I did some research on the net to discover that these were quite problematic with collimation so I thought I'd check it on mine. Quite a basic test, a sheet of A4 over the front and a collimator laser in the tube. I found it to be dead centre when not extended. But as soon as I reached 50mm it clearly drops like a stone a good 5mm. It's a feather touch focuser. My question is, is this a simple fix or should I be taking this back as £1300 for a second-hand telescope isn't a cheap purchase.
  19. My first image off my ED80. I have the EQ 5 mount and did an alignment with the polemaster and noticed im getting star trailing at just over thirty seconds. Id checked balance which seemed good, and I thought my alignment was spot on. Any ideas where Im going wrong?
  20. Ive been looking at APT (astrophotography tool) but there is no support for Sony cameras. I like the interface on that software and disappointed I can't use it on my camera. Ive scoured the net and the only thing I can find are play memories. What are you Sony shooters using for long exposures other than an intervalometer? I have the Sony A7r iii BTW.
  21. Wasp

    Undecided but Hi.

    Hi There, completely out of my comfort zone, but a deep yearning to break into astrophotography. Toying with getting the Celestron 8HD and VX mount. As I might adapt my camera onto this mount with my 200mm f2.8 for DSO, and enjoy the 8 HD for planetary astrophotography. I've a lot to learn and hopefully, I'm in the right place.
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