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  1. At last my 1st in focus image, I know it probably needs a lot of work, but I am ecstatic, up to now I have only managed a blob of bright light, but scope needed collimating. Now if I could only understand the registax settings!!! Trudie
  2. I'll teach you to knit if you like , I'll have loads of spare time when I throw my scope down the end of the garden in temper, If it does'nt decide to play and focus in soon I may have to find another frustrating hobby ha ha!!! Trudie
  3. Found it , its on Robert Reeves website, I knew I had seen it somewhere I just did'nt want to break the front face lugs whilst taking the front off.
  4. Hi all, I need some help with locating a link I have gone to from here, its a site that shows you how to remove front etc from philips spc900nc, anyone help?. THANKS
  5. Thanks Guys, will post if any success, we are 2 impatient, postman should be bringing a spc900nc 2morrow, but with a clear sky am very impatient, let you know results.
  6. The other half has taken over as he knows more about cameras than me, he says any idea what aperture, ta for the advice so far
  7. Hi , tis me again, on the hunt for advice, at last a clear night, about to try digital photography with a tripod, a nikon coolpix 5700, and a camera remote,need advice as to what camera settings please.
  8. Hi Daz i was'nt ignoring your question about being your sister!! New to Forums, Telescopes, Astrophotography, Computers etc,etc,(oh god maybe I should just give up now). I assume you have a sister called Trudie, Its taken me this long to work out how to reply to you on that question!! I have a Nexstar130 bought as a pressie in November and as a complete novice I managed to do 3 star alighnment and once I worked out the name of 1 star tried alighning on that only SUCCESS!! Mind you that was on almost the only clear night since November. Regards
  9. thanks one and all, I will be pleased if I can get photos like that. !!! The adaptor I will need I assume I need to get that from celestron dealer who will advise ? in the mean time going to give the digital cameras a go. Regards Trudie
  10. THANKS a lot, at present I am having a problem locating a toucam, I found at least 1 website that said they were no longer available, any suggestions, this is very frustrating as we have our second reasonably clear night, something I have not seen too much of since I got the scope in November !!!
  11. Hi guys, we have a Minolta dimage S414, plus a Nikon coolpix 5700, I did get your PM thanks. Looking to start with easy to find things (Moon, saturn etc.) Someone has suggested a Logitek quickcam messenger!!! YES OR NO. Sorry really do not have a clue!
  12. Hi Folks, my name is Trudie, I am very new to stargazing, however have always had an interest. With Xmas + a birthday I got a Celestron 130SLT and laptop. i would like to have a go at photography, whats the cheapest way to start? We have 2 digital cameras (don't know if that helps or not). I posted this question in the welcome page and got some replies,(very helpful). It was suggested I ask the question in this forum. Seems to me I have an awful lot to learn!!! Regards and Thanks Trudie
  13. Hello to everyone, and thank you for your advice, I am probably getting ahead of myself with the photography bit, but I've always been a bit impatient. Is my scope up to the task. Phil has a Nikon 5700 and a Minolta Dimage S414.
  14. Hi Jamie (and Gary) pleased to meet you both, Gary I do have a laptop (also a present to go with the telescope). Can I view what I can see through the scope on the laptop? (As you can probably tell I don't know loads about computers either but I'm learning!!! My other half has 2 digital cameras but unsure as to there use for this.
  15. I got a Celestron 130SLT for xmas, and would love to have a go ay photography, but do not know where to start. Can someone advice as to the best and (cheapest) way to proceed, nice to meet you all.
  16. trudie

    First light 450d

    New camera practice day.
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