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  1. Thats IT, I give up, I have tried everything nothing works, so am now going on Rog's suggestion and unistalling K3 and then will reinstall, I think I must have a glitch in the software and they were not saved. Trudie PS Jamie whats R.T.F.I PPS thanks all for your help
  2. Sorry yes I set a 60 second time limit, I meant I right clicked today when playing to try and find out where they are going. Followed some instructions from a primer on here as to changing file name, and setting capture time, but left Gamma, saturation etc, etc, on automatic as this was only my 2nd ever go at imaging, and 1st time out with new scope. Trudie
  3. Absolutley and totally Gutted Think they would have been reasonable too, they looked great and so clear on the laptop. Trudie
  4. Sorry Jamie, thought I had replied, I did'nt make any alterations to anything except to call the files Moon 03/03/07 to make it easier to recognise them HA HA HA !!!. I did this before capture but everything else was left on default/automatic settings. I have tried searching with dates /names/ odd words/*avi etc I think I may have to accept they ain't not there. To end capture I right clicked as I read on a post somewhere. Thanks Trudie
  5. Yep but i've tried opening everything that I could find (files) they just do not appear to be there.Thanks in advance. I am absolutley gutted I keep thinking they have to be here somewhere . Trudie
  6. I still can't find my avi's from last night, what is confusing me is :- I've been messing about today with K3 and the SPC900 capturing anything just to try and locate where my files are going. The files show as having been captured in the bottom left of K3 but when I open Registax they are nowhere to be found. The only thing that is different about my laptop is that I put Norton 2007 security center on it last week. I did everything exactley the same as the 1st time I tried imaging. Have run the search engine with lots of different words/terms no luck. Any ideas Trudie
  7. Just played with this one in Roxio Photosuite, still hav'nt found the avi's mind you. Trudie
  8. Yep still no luck. Trudie
  9. Nope still can't locate, beginning to think I must have done something wrong, but followed same proceedure as last time. Trudie
  10. Tried that over the phone with Rog, no luck they have to be here somewhere I hope. Trudie
  11. HI all, Took loads of shots last night, including some with SPC900 using K3, but I can't seem to find them have tried opening using Registax and also tried a search engine no luck, I know they have got to be here somewhere !!! Any suggestions please? Trudie
  12. I am chuffed to bits with this one, I pointed Nikon over EP Crossed my fingers, Hit the button and prayed. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY !!!!! :p :Envy: Trudie
  13. Thanks Folks I thought I was going barmy for a while there. See what I mean about the link to Astrocam though. Could be very confusing as daft as me Trudie :D
  14. Am I correct in thinking the eclipse is Saturday, only my other half came home from work today having heard on the radio it was tonight, and I have jusy read a post on here dated 22nd Feb from Gneiss with a link thats shows today, could someone please clarify :? :? :? Lunar eclipse webcast « on: 22 February 2007, 00:32:16 » Quote -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the evening of 2nd/3rd March 2007 we plan to broadcast the total lunar eclipse live... Full details can be found on our AstroCam page AstroCam Trudie Report to moderator Logged --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Congrats Rog, Can I visit to see as I,m only up the road, got to be a better idea than hernia's from moving the EQ's. All the best Trudie
  16. trudie


    Hiya Gary, Glad you joined us, the guys on here have been great with thier help, look forward to seeing your piccies from the 130 Trudie
  17. Thanks one and all, I'm sure with all this info I'll get the hang of it (eventually). Just one further question for now, Do I have to set this every time I use, or once its set is that it? Trudie
  18. HI All, Received my new gear yesterday, put mount together okay, even though there were no instructions in box, got advise where to download them eventually. My problem is when I am trying to polar align. I am following the instructions on preparing the mount, when I adjust the date scale I cannot then tighten up the index marker ring and keep the date scale to zero. 1) Am I missing something obvious or is the ring meant to be loose? 2) is there an idiots guide for this anywhere?. Thanks Trudie Ps Is there meant to be an instruction manual for the ED80, or is that missing too? It's not important as its self explanitory, but if this was my 1st scope I'd really be stuffed. As it is I am already tearing my hair out.
  19. As promised scope arrived today, Thanks a lot for your help I'm sure I'll be talking to you when I come to try and align it Best Wishes Trudie
  20. I am still trying to decide, you see I get the feeling if i go I will come away Either having spent a lot , or totally dissatisfied with my current ( only 2 months old ) set up. Perhaps I should just stay home and avoid the misery!! Trudie
  21. Hiya, Thanks one and all, the images were taken using spc900nc. Trudie
  22. I would value your opinions, this is my 2nd try at imaging Trudie
  23. Okay, so its 5.30am and the cat wants to go out, I looked up (force of habit) to see what I thought was a very bright star, now instead of doing what any sensible person (who was still in the garden at 2.30am) would have done, I chose to grab my specs, turn on the scope and have a look. All I can say is awesome. MY 1ST GLIMPSE OF JUPITER!!! Now I need to know, do amateur astronomers actually sleep? Trudie
  24. I was using a Celestron 130slt, a philips spc900nc webcam, plus adaptor (which is a bit too long for clear focussing ), but if I reverse lens holder it works. I have a 2x barlow but have,nt tried that yet. Hope this helps, it was not the best seeing last night, broken cloud across most shots. 80 seconds at 10 fps. Regards and thanks in advance Trudie
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