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  1. Thanks all, I must admit it was worth getting up at 3am for, but am feeling the effects now ! Detail through the scope was much better than captured but that is probably down to my focussing and processing technique, will have another go later. 1 question is it better to capture as many frames as poss, that one was 90seconds @ 5fps? This one is 30 seconds @5fps Regards Trudie
  2. Morning Folks, Decided to get up before the birds this morning and have a go at Jupiter, not great but pleased and shattered might go back to bed now. Trudie
  3. Brilliant as usual, what more can be said !!! Trudie
  4. oh no you mean its not jupiter, I would'nt have noticed anything to do with the angle of the sun, sorry I really am new to this, and having met Rog I thought he was a nice guy, shows how 1st impressions can be misleading. (only kidding Rog) Nice one but having seen your DSO's I would expect anything to be good. Trudie
  5. YOU RAT, I don't normally fall for april fools But the words hook, line and sinker sound good Trudie
  6. Amazing Rog, I think your'e right no-one will top that, now how many years will it take me to get one half that good, maybe I should throw in the towel now :D WELL DONE Trudie
  7. Re-processed, Your right Its the practice I need, i think this one is clearer Trudie
  8. yaaaahhhhh !!! Its getting easier, thanks to all of you for your help, I know they are still not great, but I think they are definatley getting better, seeing was lousy, moon wiping most out of stars, and I assume the haze I could see was heat, but I still got this. Regards Trudie
  9. Thanks Rog, That question was actually from Phil, hes the one who's into photography with a digital camera, I could'nt have phrased that question if I'd tried, I don't even understand it !!!!!! Hope you are feeling better Trudie
  10. Thanks all, And thanks to CC have printed out your advice and will have it to hand 2nite, sky looking great so far, fingers crossed, will post if any good. THanks very much again to one and all Trudie :D
  11. Thanks all, The barlow question was triggered by a debate between me and my other half, I won't try it. Am hoping 2nite will be clear so I can try out my x4 imagemate Trudie
  12. Its me again, Another one please, with a view to getting as good as possible DSO's within equipment limitations, if taking pictures through the e/p of my coolpix 5700 which has a fixed telephoto lens, 8x optical zoom, exposures times down to 8 secs , bulb and also macro,film sensitivity ISO 100-800, 1) is there an advantage in trying to get in close using the camera zoom along with a x4 barlow or would I likely get better results sticking to say F2 on the camera or macro ? 2) Can anyone suggest camera settings for say:- Saturn DSO's (If I can find them) Regards and thanks Trudie
  13. Thanks Andrew, That makes it perfectly clear, I was really struggling there, the more i read the more I did'nt understand. 2 more questions please, Can you use 2 barlows together or is that no go? if you can, does a 2x plus a 4x make 6x or 8x, hope that makes sense. Thanks Trudie
  14. Hi All, I realise I am dealing with a complete minefield in this subject, but the more I read the more confused I am getting. I am trying to get my head round 'f ' numbers and what they mean when doing astro photos, but I feel like my brain is about to explode. I have read CC's post from January but still confused. I have an ED80, an spc900, and until today a 2x barlow. Does the barlow make any difference to the f number, or am I missing the point here? I have just received a 4x imagemate (thanks Steve) to have another go at Saturn among other things. I am sure you are reading this and thinking I am totally stupid, I know my scope is f7.5, but what I am to find out is. 1) Does this number alter when I use different EP's or not? 2) Is high or low f number best for photos? Plus about 500 other related questions whizzing round in my head at the same time. Apologies for being so thick. Best Wishes Trudie
  15. Tried half a dozen times last night, don't seem to be able to improve it much, have put another post in as I'm sure it could look better if attacked by someone who knows what they are doing has a go. Regards Trudie
  16. Hi All, My last posting showed last nights saturn, I am not sure but I think it could be better if processed properly, anyone fancy having a go? You'll have to explain to me how to get it to you if you would like to try for me. I would appreciate some expert input, as I am guessing with registax. Best Wishes Trudie
  17. Wow that looks much better, what did you do philip, in idiot terms please. Trudie
  18. I think this is a slight improvment on last weeks image I posted , critisism and/or advice welcomed. I don't seem to be able to get them sharper with registax, but I am sure thats cos I don't know what I'm doing. Trudie
  19. Hi Robin Ed80, SPC900nc, K3, everything crossed and pray !!! Seriously, took a few 30 second images in automatic, but just got a bright blob, so took auto off and hey presto instant focus, so messed about with gain, brightness, etc, till it looked reasonably clear, and then 30 seconds again. The 1st image is with 2x barlow, the 2nd is just webcam straight to scope. Just hope I can remember what I did next time. Regards Trudie
  20. When I can achieve that I'll be delirious, nice one. Trudie
  21. I know its not good but I'm still pleased as punch that at last I've sussed out the focussing problems and my photo looks vaguely like saturn. Trudie
  22. Hi Darren, I am only a beginner myself, but remember facing exactly the same problems myself when I had a Celestron 130. Firstly you say you have put in the time Have you put the date in USA style as in Month/day/year I found my scope going in completely the wrong direction when I put in day?month/year. Let me know and we'll go from there, PM me if you wish Regards Trudie
  23. Gaz, Hi I think your'e right it did'nt save them in the 1st place, due to invalid symbol. Andrew & Ron, I agree, if I used an invalid symbol in any other program on a pc, the program itself would let me know that I could,nt do it. Still I suppose theres always next year, I may e-mail them and comment that I think its a fantastic program but needs a bit written in to stop other real novices like myself from loosing what can't easily be replaced Cheers Trudie
  24. Thanks for everything folks but unfortunatley the missing avi's are not going to turn up apparentley when you change the file name (as I read you could do) you cannot use / in the name . Bit of a harsh lesson to learn, but thems the breaks I guess !!! Thanks again, for now I have got the hump so even though its a clear night I can't be bothered to move of the settee. Regards Trudie
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